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Okonkwo Tragic Hero Essay

The early aristotle’s measure of the tragic hero requires that the persona must be honorable or a person of higher status. In this sense, as reported by Achebe, “ Okonkwo was well understood throughout these nine villages and still beyond. His reputation rested on good physical accomplishments ” ( Achebe, 3) . Beginning as a sharecropper with no inheritance from his dad, Okonkwo runs very hard and makes his choice to the rich and proud person of titles in Umuofia. From his hard work, Okonkwo has 3 wives with numerous kids, one huge compound with Obi for each of his wives and the huge inventory of yams. Okonkwo garners himself affection from people both inside his tribe and outside his tribe through some of his accomplishments. When he is a young adult of eighteen, he takes honor to his community by making that Amalinze the guy, a fighter who is undefeated for 7 years. Additionally, Okonkwo is one of those nine Egwugwu, the respected authority in the people who is considered to be the life of the ancestor.
Okonkwo seldom deviates from aristotle's pattern of the tragic character. Starting with his successes and ending with his death, including the bad actions leading to the point, Okonkwo presents some traits of the tragic hero. Okonkwo's offences do not go unpunished, demonstrating that yet productive people like Okonkwo are capable of performing terrible things.
Okonkwo is the tragic character at `` Things Fall Apart '' Question (2 ) : Talk about Okonkwo in Chinua achebe's “ Things break Apart ” is the tragic character. Statement: In Chinua achebe’s new “ Things Fall Apart ” Okonkwo is the tragic character. Aristotle’s Poetics defines the tragic character as a great person of higher status who exhibits the tragic flaw ‘ hamartia ’ and has the dramatic reversal ‘ peripeteia ’, as well as an intense moment of recognition ‘ anagnorisis ’. Okonkwo is the human and hardworking part of the Igbo community…

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