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Published: 05-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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On the Rhetorical Devices of an American Farmer

J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur has been praised for defining the American way of life. In 1 of his works, Letters From an American Farmer, he attempts to answer the query “What is an American?” In an excerpt from that function, On the Circumstances, Feelings, and Pleasures of an American Farmer, he explains what it really signifies to be a farmer in colonial America. Crevecoeur also contrasts the classic American farmer’s life with the classic European city life. Inside the excerpt, Crevecoeur uses numerous rhetorical devices to help his notion that living a farmer’s life is considerably a lot more rewarding than becoming a city dweller.

The main notion of the essay is that a farming life is superior to a city life, and the author tries to convince his audience of this truth by utilizing individual experiences. He very first describes the farm, house, and barn that he inherited from his father. Then, Crevecoeur explains how satisfying it is to reside on land that has a sentimental household worth, and to follow in his father’s footsteps. He also describes how it brings him joy to know his son will live in his footsteps, “I am now performing for [my son], I say, what my father formerly did for me” (Hector St.John de Cr?vecoeur, J.). By employing this private knowledge to prove the advantages of a rural life, Crevecoeur properly appeals to the reader’s emotional side. His audience is more most likely to agree with his points because they feel an emotional connection with his story. One more way Crevecoeur convinces his audience that a farming life is greater than a city life is by contrasting the two lifestyles. He explains how he feels that he has “freedom of action, freedom of thoughts” (Hector St.John de Cr?vecoeur, J.) and, all through the essay, he continually reinforces the concept that he is actually satisfied with his easy life in the country. Then, the author explains how troublesome it can be to live in the city because you often have to be tied down to landlords. This notion is reinforced through the rest of the essay when Crevecoeur speaks of the excessive materialism of most city dwellers. When this comparison is produced, the reader can simply see how living in the country is superior to living in the city.

Metaphors are also an successful rhetorical technique employed in the essay. In a single instance, the author compares soil to life, simply because both are extremely essential. Crevecoeur explains how “[soil] feeds, it garments us from it we draw even a wonderful exuberancy, our very best meat, our richest drink.” Right here, Crevecoeur is trying to clarify how just like any person is useless without life, American farmers are useless with out valuable soil. He is also implying that a city dweller will never ever know the joys pure, wealthy soil can offer. With the use of this metaphor, Creveoeur’s audience can paint a clear picture of how worthwhile soil is to famers, and how beneficial a farming life can be. Crevecoeur utilizes one more metaphor later in the essay. This a single compares bees to life, because bees have comparable properties and elements of life. Like societies, bees are impacted by “their government, their market, their quarrels, their passions”. The bees are also used as a symbol for labor. The industrious bees of Crevecoeur’s farm mimic the industrious individuals who frequently perform on farms. Once again, the use of a metaphor and symbol assists the reader to paint a clear picture of Crevecoeur’s suggestions.
The use of rhetorical strategies is essential to the essay because it makes it possible for the author to successfully communicate an notion to his audience. Crevecoeur skillfully makes use of rhetorical methods to convince his audience that a farmer’s life is superior to a city life. A mixture of individual experiences, comparisons, and metaphors all support assistance the author’s concept. In addition to being functional, the techniques Crevecoeur utilizes also add literary flair to the essay.
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