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Paul Tillich Dynamics Of Faith Essay

In the essay I will be talking about my perspective of Paul tillich’s concept of belief based upon his novel “ mechanics of Faith. ” I can make examples from his text that support my view. The same name “ Dynamics of religion ” leads to this question, what is religion? Religion can take many meanings, particularly when applied in the context of Faith. Tillich explains religion in the first section of this book. “ religion is the state of being finally Related : The dynamics of trust are the dynamics of someone’s simple concern. ” (pg . 1) He also says that this fear must be absolute. Religion doesn’ ’t have to necessarily be sacred. It may remain non-religious. For example ultimate concern with a person’’s job, raising their kids or even fear that the farmers crops would produce may all be considered non-religious. The Jewish and Christian belief in God and the Islamic faith in God are great examples of “ simple interest ” in the spiritual setting.


Theologian and Christian existentialist philosopher Paul Johannes Tillich (1886–1965), who sought to correlate culture and faith so that "faith need not be unacceptable to contemporary culture and contemporary culture need not be unacceptable to faith", argued that revelation never runs counter to reason (affirming Thomas Aquinas who said that faith is eminently rational), and that both poles of the subjective human experience are complementary.


Paul Johannes Tillich (1886–1965) was a theologian and Christian existentialist philosopher. Tillich was, along with contemporary Karl Barth, one of the more influential Protestant theologians of the twentieth century. Tillich's approach to Protestant theology was highly systematic. He sought to correlate culture and faith such that "faith need not be unacceptable to contemporary culture and contemporary culture need not be unacceptable to faith". Consequently, Tillich's orientation is apologetic, seeking to make concrete theological answers that are applicable to ordinary daily life.


This is the term use by Tillich in his attempt to define religion. a central, all-encompassing concern that transcends all other, more temporary concerns, according to Paul Tillich, faith and ultimate concern are inter-related. So all people can be seen as religions on some level because even those who do not identify with a religious tradition have ultimate concerns and seek answers to "the big questions."


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