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Pcs Model Essay

Service user and individual relation should be person-centred, using three core principles: Harmony, unconditional positive attitude and sympathy. Discrimination may jeopardise the three core rules required to assist person-centred exercise, negatively impacting on the service individual worker relationship. PCS Analysis is a strong tool for recognizing favoritism in three levels, allowing people to take responsibility for their activities, by researching what determines their beliefs, opinions, assumptions, how they relate to others and socially interact. It also highlights the strong effect of 'Cultural' and 'Structural ' degrees in community.
Thompson’’s PCS framework is highly helpful in helping social workers to accurately analyze and see the effect that oppression, discrimination and difference has on that “ societal conditions of clients ” and on the “ interactions between clients and the welfare state. ” (Thompson , 2001) the first point of thompson’’s PCS framework ‘ P ’ refers to the value that the individual “ ideas, beliefs, attitudes and actions ” (Thompson , 2001) of the service user exist and it also presents how this service user’s interests and thoughts should be in the center of good anti-discriminatory/oppressive social service training.
The 3rd point of thompson’’s PCS framework ‘ s ’ is this ‘ functional point ’ which “ refers to the ways in which subjugation and discrimination are institutionalized and thus ‘ sewn in’ ’ to the fabric of society. ” (Thompson , 2001) “ discrimination is oppression from color. ” (Bishop,1994) so social workers must be mindful of the magnitude and effect that discrimination has on the broad variety of cultural minorities that they work with. They must remain culturally conscious and encourage ethnically responsive social service training to ensure that these minority groups that they work with do not seem oppressed or discriminated against in any manner.

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