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Recrystallization Of Aspirin Essay

Aspirin was made according to the rule offered on Blackboard. The three parts to The research were 1. Reasoning of Aspirin, 2. Recrystallization of Bayer, and 3. Portrayal of Aspirin. In the opening part, this reasoning of Aspirin, salicylic acid was weight to take 3.029 grams using body by change since it was weighed on the 150 milliliter beaker. 9.23 milliliters of these acetic anhydride and 14 falls of 85% phosphoric compound were brought to the beaker. The Bunsen burner offered by the lab was then used to cook this only mixed sequence by creating the fire underneath the placed beaker on top, and then allowed to change for several minutes after the Bunsen ...


Recrystalization: The crude aspirin needs to be further purified. The crude products obtained from most preparations of organic compounds are contaminated with unreacted starting materials and substances from side-reactions. These can often be eliminated by a simple process known as RECRYSTALLIZATION. The next phase of this experiment involves the recrystallization, and thus, purification, of your crude aspirin sample.


Aspirin Recrystallization The crude product of acetylsalicylic acid crystals were placed in a 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask and diethyl ether, heated on a steam bath, was added drop-wise, while swirling, until all crystals had dissolved. The solution was cooled slowly to room temperature, then transferred to an ice-water bath. The flask’s contents were filtered and dried with vacuum filtration in a Buchner funnel. The mass of pure acetylsalicylic acid was determined and recorded and the percent yield of the reaction was calculated


After analysing my results, I found that the point at which my sample of aspirin melted was very close to the point at which pure aspirin melted. The pure aspirin melted at the published melting point for aspirin which shows that my results would have been accurate. However, the melting range for my recrystallised aspirin was larger than the melting range for the pure aspirin. This means that it is less pure than the pure aspirin. This is because the melting points of impurities such as salicylic acid are higher than the melting point of aspirin itself.


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