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Published: 04-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Relationship Between Communities and Law Enforcement: Benefits of Community Policing

Communities have always had a undesirable rep with law enforcement over the course of history. But over the time, law enforcement has tried to perform with the community and its citizens to produce a much better society for them each, so they can function in harmony. They have a philosophy, applications that aid help the neighborhood and avert crime, and to further the research to seek further programs to function towards the youth, substance abuse, and the societies problems.

The philosophy of a wish of trust between a neighborhood and the law enforcement has been about for many decades. Community Policing is a philosophy that promotes organized approaches that support the systematic use of partnerships and difficulty-solving strategies to pro-actively address the instant conditions that give rise to public security problems. Such examples are crime, social disorder and worry of crime. According to chapter 11 in the textbook an intro to policing, police community relationships should be a two way partnership. The much more educated a community is regarding the function of the police and the challenges the police face in meeting several demands, the more supportive and beneficial the citizens can be. If one citizen believes an officer is corrupt or has a undesirable expertise, it may possibly mirror the complete department. The PCR (Police Neighborhood Relations) movement started in 1950’s and 1960’s. It involved assigning a few officers in a division as community affairs or community relations specialists. They attended neighborhood meetings to try to minimize tensions between members of the department and the public. To establish trust within a community, police stick to the philosophy of organizational transformation, community partnerships, problem solving, and the use of other agencies and applications.

According to Neighborhood Policing Defined, Organizational transformation is the alignment of organizational management, structure, personnel and info systems to support community partnerships and proactive difficulty solving. Agency management instills the neighborhood police ideals to assist the trust amongst law enforcement and the neighborhood. They make a quantity of crucial alterations in climate and culture, leadership, formal labor relations, decentralized decision producing and accountability, strategic arranging, and the list goes on. Climate and culture implies to assistance a proactive view that values difficulty solving and partnerships. Formal changes should support informal networks and ensure communication requires spot within agencies to help the view. Leadership indicates community leaders serve as role models to take dangers and perform mostly with police leaders. They have to emphasize and make confident others are effectively educated on their activity.

Some programs and agencies were developed just to support build a bond in between a community and the police. One agency that was developed was C.O.P.S, also recognized as Community Oriented Policing Solutions. Formed by the Division of Justice, it is stated as such, on their web site

The Workplace of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Workplace) is the component inside the U.S. Department of Justice dedicated to the notion that trust and mutual respect in between police and the communities they serve is essential to public safety. This concept is the foundation of community policing and ensures that police and neighborhood stakeholders partner in solving our nation’s crime challenges. Neighborhood policing is a law enforcement philosophy that focuses on community partnerships, dilemma-solving and organizational transformation. The COPS Office mission is to advance public safety via community policing.

This is one of the major agencies in the government that focuses mainly on neighborhood trust developing.

Communities function collectively to support avoid crime. Neighborhood Crime prevention applications can incorporate Neighbor Watch, National Evening Out, citizen patrols, citizen volunteer programs, residence safety surveys and Operation Identification and numerous more. Neighbor Watch is a group effort by citizens with the police to maintain an eye on their neighborhood. It was initially launched in 1972 and to this day is continued to be sponsored by the National Sheriffs Association. A neighborhood has indicators that it has the watch, and even has moved onto social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to send out alerts.

Another variety is National Evening Out. On a designated night, citizens are urged to turn on all the lights and go outdoors in between eight and 9 pm to get to know their neighbors so warnings can be shared much more very easily and faster. Other objectives can contain producing assistance for the neighborhood and to unify it. Citizen Patrol is one more well-known sort around the nation. Citizens patrol on foot or in private cars, and alert to police about attainable crimes or criminals. These days several police departments are utilizing educated citizens, who are graduates of the police academy, in division cars and are uniformed. Citizen Volunteer programs I think are the most important to constructing a trust with the neighborhood and stopping additional crimes from taking place. If a police department is not actively searching for to recruit volunteers, it is not practicing very good management. These programs can aid a division get their targets accomplished far more effortlessly, maximize sources, enhance public safety and enhance relations so police can concentrate far more on patrol operate and investigations. When the division desires to attempt out new applications, most occasions the department can count on these volunteers from communities to aid out.

Yet another critical kind of way for the police to get close to the public is the use of storefront stations, or much more typically known as mini-stations. They are a small satellite police station made to serve a regional element of the community and facilitate the community’s access to the police officers. Not too long ago, several stores such as 7-11, McDonalds and CVS are opening their shops to allow mini-stations to be constructed near the door (Dempsey, 343)

Crime Stoppers is a tv plan that asks if the community knows a wanted criminal in exchange for cash bounty. According to Intro to Policing, Crime Stoppers originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1975. Currently there is over 1200 Crimestopper applications all more than the war, and every single day a series of crimes are shared more than news and radio station also they release an “unsolved crime of the week” every day. An instance was the case of Elizabeth Intelligent which aired March 12, 2003. Information from the show led to citizens calling when she was spotted. With each other the police and the citizens info, Elizabeth was identified secure. That case is a ideal example of public and private sector operating with each other for safety.

I think that the community policing efforts spend off when it comes to developing trust and a friendly partnership. Involving the volunteers into programs, and even obtaining storefront stations lets the public see the law enforcement functioning each and every day in their lives.
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