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Skeletal Traction Nursing Care Essay

The first few times after traction is executed will be challenging. These muscles are much vulnerable since you must spend a bunch of time in bed after traction is executed. Going around and walking may be difficult and will get you bored. However, it’s important to stick with any rehabilitation system so that you will improve the chances of getting a full improvement. Traction used to be considered the state-of-the-art management. In recent years, Nevertheless, different surgical techniques have turn into more sophisticated and more efficient at adjusting fractures, damaged muscles, and spinal conditions. Traction also doesn’ ’t provide for much change after operation, so that recovery period is often much longer. Day, it’s used mainly as a temporary method until the definitive process is made. Friction saved more lives during world war 2 by allowing soldiers to stay carried safely without trauma to their surrounding tissues.


One of the complications in patient to skeletal traction is atelectasis and pneumonia due to immobility. To assess respiratory status, the nurse auscultates the patient's lungs every 4-8 hours. Teach the patient deep exercises to fully expand the lungs and to clear out secretions. Constipation is also a complication due to decreased peristalsis, a high fiber diet and fluids may help stimulate gastric motility. Urinary infection is also a common complication because of incomplete emptying the bladder due to the uncomfortable effects of voiding into a bed pan.


Displaced injuries (the trauma where the cervical spine is not aligned right) may need to be compensated by using skeletal friction. Soft traction is used via the hoop connection that is tied to the light ring. The circle and weight bag sitting around the pulley structure behind the front of the foot is attached. The kind of friction helps to relieve the cervical spine back into the proper position.


Different types of tractions includes: Surface friction-moved up by ways of adhesive strip or strapping that is used to the arm; Skeletal pull-moved up by ways of directly upon the bones by means of pins, Wires; bryant's grip-constitutes the form of friction applied for aid of broken femur or improvement of pelvis injury; bill's grip-sort of pull which the pull is exerted on the lower extremities in order to align it to treat contractures and diseases of hip and knee; dunlop's traction-a mechanism that helps in treating immobilize upper arm due to fracture or contracture of the elbow; russell's traction-unilateral or bilateral mechanism that helps in immobilizing, And to aligning lower extremities expected to femur, pelvis, joint contractures and different orthopedic diseases at hip and joint.



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