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Sudha Chandran Essay

History does this individual. The time, whether painful or unpleasant, happy or peaceful undeniably forms and molds The individual. In some instances, it also forms the way that is taken, the choices given and the being the individual chooses to turn into. Some incidents change, some concrete but all of it is part of the bigger idea that world has for somebody. Sudha Chandran was put on tour to her fate by an unfortunate event. But it is the same incident that makes her who she is, gives her the force to be reckoned with and the person that inspires admiration and affection. This creation does this artist, but so does his/her history, the journey they had and the hardships they overcame.


In 1981, 16-year-old Chandran was traveling to Trichy by bus where it met a huge accident, resulting in some casualties while others were extremely injured. Sudha Chandran was amongst the few that escaped relatively unscathed, with a few minor cuts and a fracture in the femur bone in her right leg. However, since the patients were large in number, she was attended to by a group of interns who neglected to attend to the cut on her right ankle and wrapped it up with a bandage. This led to her foot developing gangrene, a condition where the body tissue dies.


However, persistence on the part of her father saw her thru. Sudha continued her studies at St. Josephs Convent School with her first dance performance at the age of eight. By the age of 17, she had performed 75 stage programmes. Very rarely we come across people who have the courage and heart to move on in life after tragedy strikes their personal lives. May 2nd 1981 was the day that changed Sudha Chandran forever. A highly accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, Chandran met with a road accident during a pilgrimage via the Scindia School in Tamil Nadu. The bus she was travelling in hit a truck and her feet got stuck in the chaos.


Chandran began her business with the Telugu movie Mayuri, which was from her personal experience. This movie was subsequently dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam. It cost likewise redo at Sanskrit as Naache Maayuri, where Chandran again fiddled herself and costarred with Shekhar Suman, Aruna Irani and Dina Pathak. She was awarded the 1986 Special commission prize in the National movie Awards for her show at Mayuri.


Last year, I saw a television program on NDTV India which changed my life. That episode showcased the story of Sudha Chandran's grit and determination. Her determination and courage changed the face of misfortunate for her. She has also shown us that we should never let our troubles get the better of us. We should have faith in ourselves and everything would be fine.


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