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Supplementary Services Essay

Move © by Lovelock, Wirtz and morsel 2009 necessity of companies selling section 1-author 12 Supplementary companies (2 )  Enhancing  conference – quantity will take brought to commodities and companies by offering advice and consultation tailored to each customer’s needs and situation  Hospitality – Customers who invest time and effort in visiting a business and using its services deserve to be treated as welcome guests  Safekeeping – Customers prefer not to worry about looking after the personal possessions that they bring with them to a service site  Exceptions – Customers appreciate some flexibility when they make special requests and expect responsiveness when things don’ ’t go according to plan
The more services provided by organisations to increase the core product/service are called additional services. The variety of additional services provided by organisations differs from one service business to another. According to Lovelock, other additional companies will be clustered under eight headings. These eight heads are consultation, hospitality, safe-keeping, content, order-taking, exceptions, request and cost.
The service consists with two product component to do it function. These two product components are core goods and secondary services. Core product is the core set of benefits and results presented to consumer while these additional services are service-related actions that touch the core product. Besides this, additional services classified with facilitating and enhancing services into eight components. Facilitating services are included content, order action, request and payment yet that enhancing companies include with consultation, hospitality, safekeeping, and exceptions.

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