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Published: 26-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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SWOT Analysis of The Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon Mobil Corporation is a multinational, public company which deals with oil and gas and has its headquarters in Irving, Texas situated in America. It was formed in 1999 by the merging of two major oil firms, Exxon and Mobil. It is the biggest refiner in the globe. It bargains with goods such as crude oil, other oils, organic gas, petrochemicals and power generation. To realize a lot more of the internal and external problems, the SWOT evaluation is used exactly where Strength (S) and Weakness (W) help recognize the internal elements whereas Chance (O) and Threats (T) assist recognize the external aspects. On stating the above, the SWOT analysis of ExxonMobil are as follows:


  • ExxonMobil is a single of the oldest organizations and has been a leader in its area of company for a lot more than a century which in turn has earned the firm very good and robust reputation, trust in their merchandise/solutions, dependence due to its quality merchandise and existing connection with contracting clients and furthermore a belief that the company will provide as demanded like constantly.
  • The energy producing industries are a enormous sector and ExxonMobil has expanded it is functioning by getting into new segments of the energy generating industries whilst additional creating other strong brand names among its portfolio. This expansion method has benefited the company.
  • ExxonMobil has formed a nicely-managed and effectively functioning corporate social responsibility and crisis management plan framework which has aided the organization to obtain a constructive image to a certain extent following the reputation it had lost due to preceding oil spills and other security troubles/dangers. This has also helped the organization to increase its style of communication on its a variety of decisive moves and also in circumstances exactly where its fails to have taken the right decision over the final handful of years. This step has shown a massive deal of improvement when compared to the period when the organization did not successfully communicate and mishandled the predicament in the course of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
  • The organization is of lately is effectively recognized for it special methods and overall improvement due to a powerful analysis and improvement sector that aims to meet the expectations of it shareholders and industrial demands. The organization requires up a variety of investigation and development projects to keep itself relevant in the market place. Some of which incorporate to develop techniques to allow technologies to be capable to mine relevant sources efficiently. It strongly strives to use water sources most effectively, lessen the emission of various greenhouse gases, and also use different chemical combinations that assist make undeveloped sources much more productive.
  • The firm is a global leader in its nature of organization and has different subsidiaries and tie ups around the globe. Some of the principal client nations would be Middle East, India and China. The organization also functioning with these nations to additional create its infrastructural facility, production of energy with respect to demand and also help in the development of the respective regional economies through education, job creation, and nearby charity drives with efforts to improve requirements.


  • ExxonMobil is nevertheless viewed as not undertaking enough for the environment. Stakeholders are nevertheless accusing the firm of pollution and overuse of natural resources as well as carbon emissions that are nonetheless also high to meet the climate adjust targets.
  • The company’s ongoing profitability in the wake of increasing petrol costs has positioned it in the minds of some stakeholders, including petrol consumers, as a greedy corporate giant. The idea that the company continues to turn out to be rich and make such a substantial profit does not bode well with its consumer base.
  • Environmental interest groups nevertheless do not believe that ExxonMobil communicates with them and is transparent sufficient on their policy to be a greener business.
  • The business has not created option power items to the extent that it could and continues to rely on oil as its principal organization segment, which is not a sustainable technique.


  • There is a important opportunity to meet rising demands for power in many creating economies such as these in the Middle East, Asia, South Asia and South East Asia.
  • There is an opportunity to obtain a leadership position in option power markets if the organization can develop the options faster than the competitors can, helping to add brand equity to the ExxonMobil name.
  • The organization has a true chance to increase its image by means of much more work in all the countries where it does enterprise with more neighborhood involvement and other social responsibility initiatives.
  • Exxon has other brands that it can generate far more strategies for in terms of brand extension merchandise to further diversify its portfolio, thereby decreasing its reliance on oil and fossil fuels.


  • Economic recessions even in the creating nations of China and India have slowed power demand although these countries also should now appear at option power sources due to the pressure by environmental groups and worldwide organisations that are demanding reduced carbon emissions. This puts stress on the company’s profitability and potentially raises their cost structure in terms of having to devote more to create alternative power sources at a faster price.
  • Competitors in the energy sector are building option energy sources and supplying a lot more to meet stakeholder expectations than ExxonMobil, which also puts stress on the business to adjust its approach or not be in a position to sustain its current profitability.
  • Far more stakeholder groups are demanding accountability on the part of energy businesses like ExxonMobil, so they must turn out to be more transparent in terms of their operations and their level of social duty, showing how they place this just before profitability.
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