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Published: 30-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The benefits and limitations of using pictorial techniques to represent a given engineering component

The advantages of isometric drawings contain isometric drawings can provide an all-inclusive view of a given part/assembly/design and style. When employing orthographic views, it can be challenging to get a clear picture of how the a variety of views match together to type the final portion. I would say that the main disadvantage of an isometric drawing would be that it can get cluttered a lot more easily than orthographic views. You can use an isometric drawing to show the dimensions, callouts and so on. that an orthographic drawing frequently shows, but if you are not careful with their placement, the drawing can get incredibly messy. This is the advantage of orthographic drawings, that you can break up the technical information among the different views so that no single view gets too cluttered. Overall I’d say that if you are dealing strictly with engineers or technical people, e.g. machinists, then the orthographic views are possibly adequate. They are employed to seeing them so interpretation will not be a dilemma. If you are dealing with non-technical men and women, e.g. purchasing, then you may possibly want to go with isometric. It will be simpler for them to get a greater view of what it is you are seeking for. In the drill vice jaw shown in figure 1 numerous views are shown, you can interpret from the views how every single side is meant to look like and the size of the item you are making from the drawings.

There are numerous positive aspects of using a drawing board as a pictorial approach. One advantage for drawing the specific component free of charge hand and without having a computer is that you can observe what you are performing and the complete drawing will look to scale, even so if you are making use of CAD you may not see the entire element as the pc screen may not be large adequate to be capable to see the complete design and style or the scale may possibly not be correct meaning the size of the solution will be distorted on the personal computer screen. Another advantage of utilizing a drawing board and paper and pencil is that the design and style can't be lost or deleted by accident as it could be on CAD, this signifies that it will be a hard copy for that reason it is harder for one more individual/business to steal the idea. This could be a dilemma specifically if the design is not patented. This is a fantastic advantage as it is unique to the company/manufacture.

Just like the benefits there are limitations to making use of a drawing board and paper and pencil. One of the massive limitations is moving and attempting to hold the drawing safe and safe. With the drawing it is difficult to move it to diverse areas as it is a big piece of paper/ separate pieces of paper and you need to have to make sure that it does not have folded creases or allow it to be broken. To combat this you can put it in a portfolio or a rolling tube nevertheless even with these they are nonetheless really big and tough to move around in contrast to CAD, which is straightforward as you can have it as a file on a small memory stick that can be simply transferred. CAD designs can also be copied and shared on numerous devices, this is handy if the CAD design and style is continuously becoming edited and innovated by multiple designers, which is probably. This is also a limitation as the file could be copied and stolen by somebody. An additional limitation of a drawing board is that it is really tough to retailer as it is really massive and it take up a lot of space whereas with CAD it requires up little room and memory creating it significantly greater and less difficult to retailer. Other Limitations contain if you make a mistake you have to rub it out which could potentially leave marks or have to begin again. You may possibly also have to maintain sharpening the pencil to make sure it is usually sharp, the line is consistent based on the size of the design and style, and the time is requires to draw it. Additionally it requires a lot a lot more time and effort than CAD does. You will also have to keep changing gear such as set squares and triangles and also often obtaining to switch to a roller to get the precise measurement and ultimately if you want to consume or drink you will have to move out the location to have meals or drink which may waste time and may imply you miss the deadline.

To summarize the points above the following advantages and limitations are in the table beneath.

Isometric projection


  • Really detailed (Simpler for the manufacturer to understand.
  • Perpendicular lines
  • Shows all 3 sides of the drawing, top, side and front
  • Can have far more than three views to show viewable angles on complicated designs
  • Utilized by producers in the UK and USA
  • Does not take as a extended to draw the diverse views as there is much less
  • Challenging to draw/generate
  • Not very good for goods that are discovered
  • Rear of the object cannot be observed which signifies some crucial info could be not be visible.
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