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Published: 05-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The use of language to control people in 1984

The power of words is sufficient to control an entire nation. Although a lot of would take into account physical power and brute force to be absolute power, George Orwell’s 1984 demonstrates a dystopian society where language is the ultimate kind of energy. The Party, the ruling force more than all of Oceania, has dominion over its citizens mainly by way of the manipulation of language. Generally physical power has the means to manage, and appears to be efficient. Nonetheless, the power of language is able to manage the thoughts, which is the center of a human being. The Celebration reaches all the way into and mutates the minds of its citizens utilizing language, so that each citizen is controlled totally. Employed via propaganda, the manipulation of literature and history, and the invention of Newspeak, it is clear that the power of language is almost absolute.

One particular of the most effective types of language in influencing the mind is music. “In the belligerent Oceania of Orwell’s 1984, music is tightly controlled since of its energy to communicate overtly and have an effect on covertly the a variety of physiological functions that influence human behavior.”(Haack 27). The music that is exclusive to the party is the “Hate Song”, which Winston describes as more of a “barking” sound and the beating of a drum. Music has a physiological influence on every listener. The “Hate Song” encourages intense patriotism and offers absolutely everyone the identical mindset. They all share the very same mindset of hate. The Party implements each and every kind of language in the society in order to force everybody to share the very same ideals.

Revolt against the government starts with writing. Although Winston feels that he is helpless whilst he is writing in his diary, he is slightly conscious that what he is performing is effective. If it did not pose some threat to the government, the act would not be punishable by death. This is the very first step that Winston takes to actively rebel against the Party. This is an outward expression of his thoughtcrime. “Apart from extremely quick notes, it was usual to dictate almost everything into the speakwrite, which was of course not possible for his present purpose” (Orwell 7). It is impossible for his present goal due to the fact in order to be capable to speak to the future in a way that would unsettle the future, he have to express himself with the old language, not the energy-stripped language that the Celebration utilizes. Julia and Winston’s rebellion against the government only happens simply because she gives him a scrap of paper that reads “I love you”. Those effective words leave Winston unable to concentrate on his perform and they preserve his feelings darting back and forth. They give him a burning want to take action, as though there is no other option. “At the sight of the words I really like you the want to keep alive had welled up in him and the taking of minor dangers all of a sudden seemed stupid” (111).

Communication by way of writing is what enables any form of action by way of citizens. Winston mentions that it is unsafe to send letters since all letters are opened in transit to avert any sort of privacy in communication. The Celebration does this simply because language in print is a large threat. Language is what structures power. Winston and Julia are capable to challenge the Party by having secret meetings due to the fact of the adore note, and Winston and O’Brien are permitted to meet up to discuss the Brotherhood when O’Brien writes down his address on a slip of paper. Though the government will do what ever they can to control all types of language, including language in its written form, the very factor that they are constantly desperate to destroy is the only factor that is in a position to sneak previous them for at least a quick time and fight against them.

The Celebration controls all forms of language, like the form of books. The Party knows that books are strong since they preserve attempting to destroy Goldstein’s book. Julia operates in the Fiction Department and she tells Winston that all the books are just rubbish. “Books have been just a commodity that had to be made, like jam or bootlaces” (132). Books have lost their meaning since the Celebration does not want imagination of the individual to exist. The Party manufactures books for proles like One Evening in a Girl’s College. The books are created for the entertainment of the proles, but even these books do not enable a lot space for imagination. Julia explains that all of these books genuinely only have 6 plots. The Celebration only makes it possible for the creation of books that fit the objective of the government, which is to sustain a society that Massive Brother controls entirely.

The Celebration can manipulate language to be whatever they need it to be. Robust writes, “The society of Oceania needed that Enjoy and Hate, War and Peace be synonymous: it was required there to be able to say them both with no feeling of moral contradiction. For such purposes, one necessary a language with which to speak of them” (248). The Celebration invents Newspeak for this objective, and the Celebration rewrites any sort of print so that it fits the requirements of society. The Party requirements to be able to control the previous, present, and future if they are to have absolute energy. “’Who controls the past,’ ran the Celebration slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past’” (Orwell 36). The Celebration will literally destroy all history that is written and they will replace it with their personal history, making it so that the history that occurred before never ever existed. When the Celebration decides that Oceania is at war with Eastasia alternatively of Eurasia, every person in the Records Department is necessary to destroy all documentary evidence for the war with Eurasia. Some would argue that history nonetheless exists in memory, but since the Celebration has control more than the thoughts, they also have manage over memory, which means that the Celebration has manage over every little thing that exists and has existed. The Celebration is capable to do this since they have taken away the energy of language in writing and have created it their personal.

Claiming dominion more than an individual starts and ends with getting manage over the mind. Having power over the thoughts claims all thought and imagination. Even though physical energy has the signifies to handle, no one particular is entirely submitted to an authority till he has no handle more than his personal mind. The Party has control over the actions of the citizens in Oceania because the mind controls the body. Correct absolute power rules from the inside out. “The Celebration is not interested in the overt act: the thought is all we care about. We do not merely destroy our enemies we adjust them” (Orwell 261). The celebration believes that basically forcing the citizens to act a certain way is not enough, due to the fact their aim is power. “Power is tearing human minds to pieces and placing them together again in new shapes of your personal choosing” (276). Just before Winston and Julia have their experience in the Ministry of Love they are not controlled by absolute energy because they still have freedom in their minds. Winston mentions that a man owns just the small space inside of his head. Winston and Julia believed that they had some hope in being against the Party but once the Celebration got hold of their minds, that hope was lost. “’They cannot get inside you, she had said.’ But they could get inside you” (301). As soon as the Party has control more than the mind of a man, they handle the whole man. In The Abuse of Energy in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four Bryfonski writes, “By taking away freedom of speech and by weakening the desire for intellectual freedom by way of socialization, the space inside the skull becomes not a temple of privacy and liberty, but a void” (127). When the Party removes freedom and the thoughts is a void, the Party is able to fill the void with whatever they please. They even eliminate the way that every individual perceives the world. Folks do not see or believe for themselves the Party tells them what to think. “For the citizen of Oceania, everything is observed as if for the initial time, day right after day, forever. Time is excluded from the neurobiology of perception” (Clune 32). The Celebration removes the power of an person over his mind and they use language to implant their personal ideals so that they can take absolute energy.

The objective of the invention of “Newspeak” in 1984 is to limit the range of believed. The Celebration empties the minds of the Celebration members and fills them with its own doctrine. Newspeak is an successful implies of handle since its aim is to make all other ways of speaking and considering not possible, removing any sort of individualistic suggestions and removing all freedom of believed. The Celebration has full handle over the citizens of Oceania with the use of its language. Since language is the foundation of civilization, destroying language and replacing it with Party doctrine will destroy civilization in the sense that it will no longer be free and human. When we turn out to be insensitive to the energy of language, we are “dehumanized”. If we are not capable to recognize that language is becoming misused, then we are exposed to powers which would victimize us (Bartel 46). Many citizens do not recognize that they are being oppressed. Freedom is nonexistent. Winston’s friend Syme argues, “How can you have a slogan like ‘freedom is slavery’ when the concept of freedom will be abolished? The complete climate of believed will be diverse. In reality there will be no believed, as we recognize now” (Orwell 54). If there is no independent believed, then the Celebration can implant any believed into any person and make it truth. It was the job of the celebration “philologists” to decrease the dictionary because they believed that conduct would also be able to be controlled. Performance is related to the essence and framework of language (Bryfonski124).

The Celebration first limits the old language to concepts that are easy and universal. McGuinnis writes, “By utilizing allness as a basis for the language, the Party is able to eliminate the personalities of its citizens, to preserve the minds of numerous like the mind of one” (109). The citizens are less complicated to control when the government removes individuality. If the body is of one uniform state of mind with a single purpose and no divided loyalties, they can be controlled and the Celebration has absolute power over them. The process of forming absolutely everyone into equals requires what has always unified humanity: the power of language. The Party takes the energy to the extreme and uses it to control definitely. Courtine writes, “Power should then grow to be master of language considering that language is the living memory of man and provides him a space for inner resistance” (70). The Celebration gets rid of this space and requires handle over the complete man by simplifying his language and by leaving him with only universal terms that make him equal with absolutely everyone else.

In order for the Party to have absolute energy, folks need to be relieved from their old language. The old suggestions, the factors that can't be defined, ambiguous thoughts and doubts have to be destroyed. Almost everything has to be cleansed of its meaning and then replaced. (Courtine 70). Syme says that the revolution will total when the language of Newspeak is excellent. “Purification of language as a result constitutes the imaginary horizon of totalitarian energy: the final solution, the completion of the Revolution, the end of history” (Courtine 71). The objective of newspeak seems to be to take complete handle of the mind and generate a brainless class of citizens. “Ultimately it hoped to make articulate speech problem from the larynx without having involving the higher brain centers at all” (Orwell 319). This applies to the man that Winston observed in the lunch queue who seemed to be quacking like a duck. The Celebration desires the kinds of people who will just vocalize and throw out opinion that agrees with the ideology of the Celebration. It has no meaning, but simply restates what the citizens have been forced to think. These kinds of men and women will in no way be vaporized simply because the Party depends on this class of mindless citizens.

The Celebration will develop Newspeak to the point where it will be impossible to turn against the celebration due to the fact certain tips will not even exist. The citizens will have no notion what freedom is, so they will not know something various from becoming oppressed. “In Newspeak it was seldom achievable to stick to a heretical thought further than the perception that it was heretical beyond that point the essential words have been nonexistent”(317). Thoughtcrime will be impossible since the people will only know what they have been taught by the Celebration to be accurate as a result of the developed language of newspeak. If thoughtcrime is not possible, then it will be impossible to revolt against the government. If the government can't be overturned, then the government has absolute power since it has the power of language.

The power of language has been taken away from the citizens, but the proles are nevertheless somewhat cost-free. The Party slogan runs “Proles and animals are free” (Orwell 74). They make it appear as though being free of charge is undesirable due to the fact they are comparing proles to animals, but in reality the citizens of Oceania are far more like animals due to the fact their language is dwindling down. “’The proles are human beings,’ he stated aloud. ‘We are not human’” (169). Winston says this since the proles nevertheless have the human emotions that come with having the power of language. The Ministry of Truth gives music for the proles and the proles maintain their strength alive since they keep singing they are much more human that way. “The birds sang, the proles sang, the Celebration did not sing” (227). Winston believes that 1 day in the future only the proles will overthrow the government, but that is only attainable if the proles retain the energy they have in the freedom to use their language.

The Celebration has created a system that is almost not possible to break totally free from. Winston and Julia believe that they can somehow be a part of a distant revolution. Winston is referring to the proles when he says, “You have been the dead theirs was the future. But you could share in that future if you kept alive the thoughts as they kept alive the physique, and passed on the secret notion that two plus two make four” (227). A revolution could never succeed due to the fact of the way that the Party dominates over the rest of the population. If the citizens attempt to revolt, they die physically. If the citizens do not attempt to revolt, then they die in the sense that they die to themselves. The individuality of the citizen is dead due to the fact the individual mind is molded into a uniform thoughts that the Celebration creates. Julia and Winston believe that they can retain their personal expertise, but since the Celebration is capable to use language to manage their minds, their minds are not their personal. Although Winston and Julia try to maintain their minds sane with their person thoughts, it is all in vain so long as the Party has the capacity to control minds through language. In the finish both of them are won over, just like the rest of the ordered citizens. Every single other tyranny has failed, but the Party succeeds because they know how to use the most supreme form of energy, for the sake of gaining much more.

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