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Published: 21-10-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A look at the effect of a parenting style on the development of a child as illustrated in The Glass Castle

Many people have varying opinions on parenting, normally motivated by deeply personal beliefs. These differing outlooks on raising young children develops kids themselves into diverse individuals with extremely particular values instilled in them by their parents. The impact of childhood on their improvement is undoubtedly substantial, but its comprehensive effects are rarely understood research by Cornell and Louisiana State University established that parenting style can lead young children towards particular characteristics and values later on in life (“The Influence of Parenting Styles on Children’s Cognitive Development”). The memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls recounts the story of Walls’s childhood and development under her parents. What makes her childhood unique is her upbringing in a poor family members under her uncommon parents that necessitated her gaining maturity much earlier than usual youngsters. Nevertheless, her parents nevertheless instilled in her a passion for understanding and that combined with her maturity to allow her later good results in life as a writer.

The explanation that people are who they are is due in massive element to the influence of their parents, and the style of their parenting. Jeannette Walls’s parents had been really lax with their parenting, and she and her siblings have been cost-free to do as they wished for a lot of their childhood. This is very first evident as Jeannette tends to make herself a hotdog, thereby causing herself to catch on fire. This freedom allows Lori, Jeannette, Brian, and Maureen to experience much more independence as nicely as obtain much more responsibility for their actions. The children’s independence is displayed when Brian gets into a fight in Welch, but does not talk about the matter with his dad since he “didn’t want to sound like a whiner” (Walls, 140) given that his parents had left him to be independent. Their father, Rex, when once again emphasizes independence as he throws Jeannette into the water so that she knows “if you do not want to sink you far better understand how to swim” (Walls, 66). However, the maturity gained through the children’s freedom allows them to sooner or later recognize the duty and childlike behavior of their parents as they start to resent them and desire to move out.

A large explanation for the permissive attitude of the parents was not only their selfish nature, but also the fact that they desired the ideal for their children. Although they had been incredibly poor, Walls’s parents constantly produced sure that they had an adequate home to reside in they 1st lived in the trailer, then in Battle Mountain, the large property in Phoenix, Welsh, and with Rex’s parents in West Virginia. They also ensured that their children often received an education, as learning was of paramount significance to them. Rex’s involvement of the youngsters in the design and style of his wonderful Glass Castle, as effectively as how “after dinner the complete loved ones stretched out on the benches and the floor of the depot and study, with the dictionary in the middle of the space so we kids could look up words we didn’t know” (Walls, 56), indicates the value of expertise and education to Jeannette’s parents. A parental emphasis on the importance of education permits Jeannette and her siblings to create into vibrant, insightful young people who can take advantage of their eventual maturity to turn into successful men and women later on in life.

One more aspect of the parenting style of Jeannette’s parents was their belief that the way they lived and parented was the right and correct way to raise a youngster, and they did not appreciate any individual else interfering in the development of their kids. When Jeannette is taken to the hospital for her burns, her mom becomes resentful of the amenities the hospital supplies, as properly as the nurse giving her daughter gum she says, “it was a disgusting low-class habit, and the nurse must have consulted her” (Walls, 12), as she is “your mother, and I should have a say in how you are raised” (Walls, 12). This episode illustrates the Walls parents’ belief that the way they raise their kids is faultless. They do not want their children to believe they are being raised in a family members that can't fully provide for them. Though they may have an unconventional parenting style, they are trying their very best, and this work develops Jeannette into a successful woman as she leaves her family for New York City.

The impact of parenting style on Jeannette Walls’s improvement is thorough, as it instills in her the values of independence and education, along with a maturity that develops her into a profitable adult. Her uncommon upbringing enabled her to see that she preferred a lot more from her life, and she pursued her aspirations to turn out to be a well-known writer. Even though The Glass Castle presents one particular perspective on raising kids, there are a lot of other techniques that contribute to diverse results in similarly productive folks.
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