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The Great Gatsby Essay

“ the big Gatsby ” is the book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald at the 1920’s. This book is narrated by a young adult named Nick Carraway, who goes to West Egg, New York to discover more about the bond enterprise so he will finally trade bonds. He goes into the average house in between two large houses, so in comparison his normal home seems like a tiny, break down shack. One of the proprietors of those houses, and carraway’s current neighbour, is Jay Gatsby. Gatsby gets large extravagant parties every fall and…
11/4/12 the good Gatsby Essay Lavishness, extravagance and gratification; these texts describe the lifestyles of some households living in the 1920’s. They used their position and wealth to increase their point in society. In this book the big Gatsby, several socials statuses are researched through three important families/characters; the Buchanan house, Nick Carraway, and Jay Gatsby. The first home we can investigate is the Buchanan family. There are three people in the family; Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, and the baby girl whose family is ambiguous.
Daisy Buchanan is this Great gatsby’s most disturbing and possibly most bothersome character. This big Gatsby, published by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald is the 1925 book that chronicles the lives of characters living in this fictitious town of West Egg. This book primarily relates the young millionaire Jay Gatsby, and his desire for the lovely Daisy Buchanan. Some depict Daisy as self-absorbed and egotistical, yet she’s likewise labelled as beautiful and effervescent.

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