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Published: 06-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Marketing Strategy of GoPro Based on Social Media

Envision becoming in a position to take images underwater, although riding a motorcycle, sky diving or camping with the family. The GoPro is the best solution for any of those activities. The GoPro is a high-tech photo/video device that has the durability to use anywhere from underwater or in the mountains (GoPro, 2016a). The GoPro lives by its tagline “the world’s most versatile camera” (2016a). Via GoPro’s marketing and advertising methods they live up to tagline. GoPro effectively markets its brand by means of social media platforms and targeting advertising demographics.
Marketing via Social Media
GoPro’s marketing approach incorporates social media platforms. On social media platforms GoPro can promote their tagline “The world’s most versatile camera” (2016a). Promoting the tagline is crucial since it positions itself from other competitors on the industry. GoPro utilizes several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube to attain a diversity of buyers (2016a). GoPro makes use of several platforms to meet a diverse neighborhood of markets. According Icha and Edwin (2016), “social media web sites are becoming the go-to location for customers who want to discover more about a business”(p.three). GoPro is aware social media becoming a go-to location. Employing social media, GoPro demonstrates solution worth and quality. GoPro’s marketing approach utilizes social media for promotion, generating item value, and interacting with the customer.
GoPro makes use of Facebook to promote the brand and communicate with the customers. GoPro reaches the consumer by posting a GoPro solution taken photo and video of the day (GoPro, 2016d). Posting every day photos builds item value and client trust. GoPro lately utilized #InternatinalSurfingDay on Facebook with a photo of a surfer in the wave. (GoPro, 2016c). The hashtag reached new shoppers who appreciate surfing. GoPro makes use of Facebook to attain new consumers, connect with current ones and market the high quality of their product. The consumers see true life benefits of GoPro pictures and videos. The shoppers rely on GoPro posting every day and GoPro often delivers. Constantly delivering to the customer builds consumer trust. It is crucial for a buyer to trust a product because they will be far more likely to keep purchasing it.
GoPro uses Instagram to showcase the quality of their goods. Users can stick to @GoPro to verify out everyday photos and videos on their web page (GoPro, 2016e). Comparable to Facebook, GoPro promotes on Instagram posting a “photo of the day” to engage with consumers. As opposed to Facebook, GoPro does not communicate with the consumer on Instagram. As an alternative, GoPro promotes the good quality of goods.
GoPro makes use of Twitter to communicate with new and current shoppers. GoPro regularly tweets new product information. GoPro is conscious the way they use Twitter, need to not be the same as Instagram. Gholson and Hakim (2015) state, “Due to the fact that social media has a variety of strategies of becoming applied to marketing one particular approach does not fit all (p.11). GoPro does not behave on Instagram like it does on twitter. Rather of posting everyday photos, GoPro builds personal relationships with the customer by retweeting their feedback. GoPro’s one-to-1 marketing and advertising on twitter assists develop customer worth.
GoPro uses YouTube to promote and demonstrate its merchandise. GoPro posts tutorials, demonstrations, guidelines, evaluations and user videos to interact with customers. GoPro has a selection of channels to find out about the product. GoPro has even included a tutorial channel to demonstrate how to use their merchandise (GoPro, 2014). Demonstrating the item on social media positions itself from its competitors and builds consumer loyalty.
GoPro makes use of Pinterest to reach several markets based on their psychographics. GoPro has designed a lot of boards with various activities and interests to reach new shoppers. A couple of Pinterest board examples are love, bucket list, animals, loved ones time, yoga, architecture, music, gifts, life’s a beach and underwater. The wide option of boards attracts customers of different lifestyles, ages, locations and social classes. On Pinterest GoPro lives up to their tagline “The world’s most versatile camera” attracting a assortment of buyers.
GoPro Awards
GoPro holds an award show for their shoppers to win a cash prize. Users can enter their photos and videos on the web. There are quite a few categories to enter. Some GoPro Award categories contain animals, household, adventure, and motorsports (2016b). The GoPro Awards market the item and create a fun environment for shoppers. The GoPro Awards attract current shoppers to keep employing and acquiring new GoPro items. The on the internet neighborhood of GoProers can share moments, uncover inspiration and enter contents (GoPro, 2016d). The Go Pro awards position itself from other competitors on the industry by involving their personal neighborhood into their camera merchandise.

GoPro’s Target Marketplace and Demographics

GoPro uses a multisegment industry technique to target the customer. GoPro does not concentrate on a single type of consumer. GoPro effectively markets their goods by paying close consideration to the psychographics of the consumer. Raymond and Tanner (2014) state, psychographic segmenting is “segmenting primarily based on their activates, interests, choice, attitudes, values and lifestyles” (p.107). GoPro does an exceptional job at making its merchandise attractive to vast markets. Utilizing psychographic segmenting, GoPro can market to numerous markets.
Target Market place
GoPro’s target market place is really big. Because it is primarily based psychographic segmentation GoPro attracts a variety of buyers. GoPro’s advertising goes beyond attracting the thrill seeker and photography industry. GoPro has utilized multisegment marketing to reach a variety of shoppers of all ages and interests. Since their products variety from becoming are cheap, expensive, huge, small, freeze proof, waterproof to appeal to selection of customers (GoPro 2016a). Their multisegment advertising and marketing strategy targets several markets. The GoPro can be utilized by anyone who loves to save their memories.
GoPro utilizes a multisegment marketing technique to segment customers by psychographics. GoPro tries to look at the consumer how they see themselves. Relating back to Pinterest, the firm categorizes the consumer by their values such as family members, animal lovers and thrill seekers. GoPro’s target industry is consistently developing since the solution appeals to a much more than one variety of person.
GoPro’s social media based marketing method attracts a selection of shoppers. Segmenting their buyers based on psychographics, they can promote their item on a wide array of social media. From thrill seekers to families GoPro will have a camera to fit the consumer’s requirements. GoPro’s Social media advertising and marketing enables the organization to market the high quality of the product, communicate with the consumer and industry to possible new shoppers.
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