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Published: 29-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Movie Review, The Blind Side

The film I chose to write about is “The Blind Side”. The cause I chose this film is because it bargains with a variety of sociological ideas, such as, being a non-conventional family members, getting an upper-class family members taking in a person who was deemed reduced-class, and getting a family members that wasn’t all the same race. This movie is about the Tuohy family members, who determine to take in a teen who is homeless, named Michael. In the film, Michael comes a from a broken home, exactly where his father is not in the image and a mother who is a drug addict. He is offered the chance to play football and to get an education at a private college that the Tuohy’s son and daughter go to. The family members later comes to find out that Michael has some serious educational delays which they finish up hiring him a tutor to aid him on his studies, they could give him items that his biological family members was not able to provide for him, they were able to open doors to many colleges and universities that wanted him to play on their group, and they even gave him a loved ones to get in touch with his personal.

The first sociological idea is the movie portrays a non-traditional family. Non-classic households include adopted family members members. In the film, the Tuohy’s were a standard household, a father who operates to provide for his family members, a keep at residence mother who did everything for her kids. They have been regarded untraditional once they took Michael in. In the film, the mother would always get stares since she adopted did not fit her stereotypical rich white family.

The second sociological concept in the film is socio-economic factors. Michael came from a residence a reduce income household whereas the family members who took him in come from a upper revenue household. You see the differences in the movie, when the guardian of Michal should method his biological mother in giving up her parental rights. When they got into the neighborhood, Michael warned his guardian not to get out of the automobile simply because he knew the neighborhood he grew up in was negative. Michael came from a house where his mother was a drug addict and his father wasn’t even the picture which is, what we talked about in the class as the African American myth, exactly where fathers are hardly house, and the kids come from broken properties. Often this is the situation but not all instances. In Michael’s case, his education was of importance simply because he was being bounced from college to college considering that being in the foster system. These various variables impact a persons’ socioeconomic status in society. Another example of this, was when they bought Michael a car for passing his driver’s license test, this is where his guardian financial status was capable to give him with a vehicle whereas if he wasn’t with her he would have to continue walking to school.

The third sociological idea is the interracial family members. Michael was an African American male who could reside with a white family. This is critical because race plays a component in households in society since if he wasn’t capable to live with them he would almost certainly still be flunking college and wouldn’t be able to get the identical opportunities if he stayed with his biological mother and becoming in the foster program. In the film, once living with this loved ones he was in a position to get the proper assist he needed with his college assignments, he was capable to attend a private school, and he was in a position to get scholarships to some top universities since they fought for him to be on the football group. Some of these possibilities would not be offered to him if he stayed bouncing about in the foster care method. Given that he received a excellent education and was capable to pull his grades sufficient in school, he was able to apply and chose from different universities that wanted him.

In conclusion, this movie gives a great insight into the a variety of concepts we talked about in class in regard to family and their places in society. Some of these families are non-classic and they come from numerous backgrounds. These variations make us who we are and is what can let us to make the family members that we want to be in.
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