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Published: 30-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Othello’s downfall and its causes

The downfall of Othello is a story by William Shakespeare which is a romantic tragedy involving some themes such as jealousy, revenge, greed, reality versus appearance which all play a function in bringing the play into a tragic finish. The play begins with an argument which offers the readers a glimpse of all the fateful events that are about to take location. The strategy of foreshadowing is utilised severally by the author in order to make the readers capable to predict the undesirable luck ad the misfortunes that would be befalling the characters in the play. Iago is the sole character in the play who initiates most of the conflict in between the characters which ultimately lead to their downfall. To the characters, he is a gentleman and he is effectively respected though the readers are aware that he is not a excellent man. This, consequently, makes the characters fall easily to his traps as they believe that his advisers are the ideal. This facade makes it easy for Iago to manipulate the characters whereby unfortunately Othello fall a victim.

For the beginning, Iago hates Othello since of his promotion as the lieutenant in Othello. As an alternative of Othello accepting the promotion, he chose Cassio for the position which makes Iago more hurt thus preparing a way to make them hate each other. In order to see him aim being achieved, Iago planned several techniques one of them is attempting to convince Othello that his wife was cheating on him with Cassio. In this attempt, he attempted to make Cassio think that Desdemona, Othello’s wife, was tempted by him and that she was attempting to be far more than just a buddy. He was shocked when Cassio maintained that the two had been just friend and that he did not think what he said about her. Nonetheless, Iago did not easily give up. He attempted tougher and utilized distinct techniques in order to ensure that Othello believed that the two had a relationship. Soon after his skillful tactic, he managed to convince Othello that Cassio and Desdemona had a connection. This made Othello angry and jealous as a result searching for revenge whereby he panned kill the each of them. Iago killed Cassio although Othello killed his wife Desdemona.

Othello’s jealousy, hunger, want for revenge and lack of trust led to his downfall. If he had a powerful stand and a will to seek the reality may be he could not be intimidated very easily by Iago. He could have as an alternative tried to locate out the reality of the matter and dig deeper to discover out if what he was told as true or not. He had a misconception of all what was happening and therefore he easily jumped into conclusions. As a result, he says and does items that do not match with his character. He becomes more difficult to manage in his personal actions and tends to make tries to seek revenge upon individuals who he believed wronged him. In his primary try to revenge against his wife and Cassio, he ends up carrying out things that he later regrets as they lead to his downfall.
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