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Published: 20-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Pearl Theme Analysis

This story is about kino finding a pearl and the effects of this. Kino and juana are the main characters of the story and want to modify their poor life circumstances to a wealthier life style when they located the pearl. They encounter many conflicts all through the story. In the end of all this they lost the most precious son in their lives. In the pearl steinbeck utilizes the pearl a symbol of materialism displaying the the theme of wealth top to destruction.

Kino went into his canoe and located a pearl in the ocean. After that He believed of what he could purchase “His lips moved hesitantly over this – “A rifle,” he stated. “Perhaps a rifle”(12). Kino is thinking about what to buy now that he has turn out to be wealthy from the pearl. This is just the beginning of the desires of kino and the begin and on the path to destruction. In the start off of the story it does not actually affect the household in a negative way at all. Kino later begins to really think about what he desires out of the pearl. He dreams of the items he desires “But Kino’s brain burned, even throughout his sleep, and he dreamed that Coyotito could study, that 1 of his own men and women could inform him the truth of issues. And in his dream, Coyotito was reading from a book as large as a residence, with letters as massive as dogs, and the words galloped and played on the book. And then darkness spread more than the page, and with the darkness came the music of evil again, and Kino stirred in his sleep and when he stirred, Juana’s eyes opened in the darkness. And then Kino awakened, with the evil music pulsing in him, and he lay in the darkness with his ears alert.(70)”. These thoughts have been evil to have due to the fact he was falling into a trap. This relates to the theme since he has a lot of energy with the pearl and is top him to a path of destruction.

Later in the story juana starts to feel differently of the pearl. Juana starts to open her eyes and says this “This factor is evil,” she cried harshly. This pearl is like a sin! It will destroy us,” and her voice rose shrilly. “Throw it away, Kino. Let us break it among stones. Let us bury it and forget the place. Let us throw it back into the sea. It has brought evil. Kino, my husband, it will destroy us.”(75).
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