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Published: 09-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Themes of Darkness in the Poems We Grow Accustomed to the Dark by Emily Dickinson and Acquainted With the Night by Robert Frost

The poems “We develop accustomed to the Dark” by Emily Dickinson and “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost are each distinctly about darkness. Both authors relate the darkness to true life feelings such as sadness and depression, but the way they both describe it as is various than a single another. That can be told by the titles of the poems. Accustomed is a word that describes a point that usually occurs whilst acquainted means the being aware of of, but not entirely familiar with. So basically one particular poem says darkness is a widespread thing to happen whilst the other poem says it takes place, but not as well typically. The way darkness is employed within these poems tends to make the reader thinks about literal darkness or evening. When you look deeper into the poem, that is not what is being discussed. The darkness represents sadness or a tough time in life. The poems each say that darkness and sadness occur to everyone simply because nobody’s life is ideal. Everyone goes through tough occasions no matter what and you have to discover to cope with them with offered situations.

The poem “We grow accustomed to the Dark” is more of a darker poem than the other one. It says that there is always darkness taking place everywhere but humans just develop accustomed to it all through life and that it is not noticed totally. It is mainly noticed when a main damaging event takes place such as a loved ones death which is kind of selfish if humans only be concerned about their own self happiness and not any person else’s. This poem had dashes in a lot of areas throughout the complete poem. The dashes make the reader pause in their head for a second and then continue on. They would lead to a dramatic effect that the second poem lacked. This poem was written in first individual plural. Every time the word “we” is stated, the reader is integrated as well as anybody else also. The strongest line inside this poem is “And often hit a Tree Straight in the Forehead-”. This line is effective since it is saying that darkness/sadness can come out of nowhere and hit us right in the face without having warning. It is a very good analogy to use because walking in the dark could outcome in walking into objects that result in pain which in this case is the branch of a tree.

The second poem “Acquainted with the Night” is brighter than the very first a single. There are no dashes inside to result in dramatic impact like the first 1 and is not written in first individual plural. This poem is written in very first individual singular which takes a more private approach. The poem would only be about the reader as they are saying “I” over and more than once more. This poem makes use of parallelism in it to make connections with products. The big theme inside this poem is that sadness is not a massive deal to some people’s lives. They experience the sadness, but it is just recognized of rather of being familiar with. That is why they are an acquaintance with the dark it happens, but quite hardly ever. An essential literary device that is utilized inside this poem and not the very first poem is a book ending. A book ending is when the initial line and the last line of the poem are the exact same precise factor. This is since the author wants the reader to see and notice it, and to believe about it more on a deeper level. The line is, “I have been 1 acquainted with the night.” This line is crucial since it is saying that night (darkness/sadness) is an acquaintance. This poem isn’t saying that sadness will come out of nowhere but that it will occur not as usually. Sadness might happen a lot in one particular person’s life, but this poem is saying that there is a light at the finish of the tunnel and things will sooner or later get far better and it won’t be sadness forever.

These two poems, written by two quite various authors are both incredibly related and different at the very same time. They are both the exact same since they are both poems about darkness and sadness. However, they each use various literary strategies such as eye rhyme and book ending to get their point across. They each say that sadness will be component of each human’s life but that it will go away ultimately. These two poems are each properly-crafted performs of literature that appropriately show darkness and sadness.
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