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The Tone and Mood of Self Reflection in ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

Everything within the trailer depicts the all round tone and mood of self reflection. The movie trailer for Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, begins with a complete shot of a major explosion, and then cuts to the scene of an sophisticated society all at eye level. This scene is integrated to draw in the audience’s attention, as it helps bring curiosity to the events leading up to the explosion. This tone of curiosity is integrated in the first scene to get the audience considering, which is vital for the next scene as it is referring to the everyday lives of people in this society. Through the use of both complete and mid shots along with high angle and eye level, you can visualize the elements of their society that are comparable to our own society along with elements that show, how we in the end have the prospective of becoming like them if we remain on a blinded course. This notion makes the scene a lot more relatable, as a result further engaging the audience at a greater extent. The scenes of way of life are shown in a adverse way intentionally in order to develop a disgraceful tone. The scene following depicts Montag is emerging as an enlightened becoming.
The brief scene following depicts Clarisse, via via the use of mid shots and eye level angle with Clarisse getting in front on the camera. This is meant to show how Clarisse is a lot more enlightened than Montag, as properly as displaying how Montag is enlightened by Clarisse. Beatty is depicted in this scene as he is critical to the book. He is shown when the audience sees somebody burning a home down whereas the residence represents Montag’s home burning which is a symbol of essentially the “death” of fireman Montag and the man getting Beatty. This scene also consists of the moment just prior to Montag jumps in the water and looks more than it. This scene in connection with the biblical reference made in the book and eventually symbolizes purity and rebirth. These scenes have been chosen as they all allude to the notion of a new starting, and the opportunity to a have a second possibility at life, which enables to convey a tone of rebirth. The following scene conveys the obstacles he had to overcome for the duration of his early enlightenment phase. This scene depicts Faber by way of displaying his lessons, whilst a train is driving away from the city. This train represents the scene where Montag is trying to recognize the bible, but isn’t grasping the message of the book. Also, this scene involves where he is running away, and trying to get away from the city.
The use of high and eye levels angles in conjunction with mid and close shots, the center of focus is able to be placed on Montag, and shows him as somebody who is searching down upon and he is going against the culture of the society. These scenes have been chosen as they show essential milestones in Montag’s development as an intellectual which are critical to understand the story and Montag’s evolution in society. The scenes of Montag trying to break cost-free from the influence of society conveys a tone of rebellious or mutinous. Also following is another explosion. The objective of this explosion nonetheless, is meant to show the ultimate consequence of the society’s actions. Lastly, Montag and his group return to the destroyed city, shown by the truck driving towards the city on fire to commence a new society. This is to show Montag new beginning with his group of intellectuals. The tone of this scene is meant to be hopeful, intense and optimistic as they basically now have a second likelihood at life.

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