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Published: 20-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Work Ethic of the Millennials

To many, the millennial generation is perceived as entitled and lazy. All through history, every single generation evolves in various ways. Qualities such as function ethic, adaptability, which means of life, and social expectations adjust by each and every generation. Just due to the fact millennials view operate and objectives differently in comparison to their generation X, their work does not indicate laziness. Millennials are perceived as lazy and entitled solely since they do not abide to traditional techniques of pondering. The perform of preceding generations positive aspects the future of proceeding generations. Due to the fact of this, millennials are not required to operate as hard as their generation X. Rather they operate smarter than harder. Though millennials share a various style and attitude towards operate, their attributes do not indicate laziness.

Millennials, also known as generation Y, method work in a distinct way than their prior generation X. Their laziness is only a misperception in the eyes of generation X and baby boomers. Millennials have developed efficient function techniques that prior generations are currently novel of, and as a result uncomfortable with. For this reason, senior operating specialists who have low adaptability traits do not feel comfy with workplace alter. Millennial tech-savy expertise, and social media use are looked down upon instead of taken advantage of.

The tech understanding that millennials possess trigger them to method operate in a diverse manner as opposed to generation X. They decide on to resolve troubles in the most flexible and basic way achievable. With the use of technologies, they hold the capability to acquire all the details in the planet at their fingertips. Hence, of course they will take advantage of this effective way of perform and studying. In addition, technology limits office operate hours simply because of the capacity to perform anyplace with technologies, and expands the comfort of communication. Consequently, this savvy way of issue solving is misperceived as laziness according to older generations. Lindsey Pollak, author of Becoming the boss: New Rules for the subsequent Generation of Leaders validates that, “The workplace is shifting to technologies in general and this takes place to be the generation where it adjustments. Overall, communication is changing in the workplace” (Downey).

Conversely, millennials do tend to lack focus and willingness to discover due to technologies according to a number of professional workplace sources. Millennials are consistently distracted by social media, emails, texts, and news. Orun Bhuiyan, co-founder of SEOcial sates that “I’m a Millennial and I run a company where most of my staff consists of Millennials. The bad habit I’d like to mention is the lack of concentrate due to continual distraction. Generation Y grew up in front of a Tv, bombarded with new stimulus every single 15 seconds. As a result, it is an uphill battle for several to regain the capability to retain focus for a long period of time” (Murphy). This constant lack of concentrate towards function translates to laziness in the eyes of their seniority employers. Nevertheless, one may possibly argue that each and every individual responds to these distractions differently. Though millennials may possibly look to be incredibly distracted from perform, they are also superb multitaskers. Science claims that the brain is incapable of multitasking, yet research show that this generation is requiring the brain with comprehensive multitasking. Evidence shows that the average teenager watches Television, completes homework, and plays video games simultaneously. Their brains are becoming educated to enhance overall performance with out deterioration of cognitive processing. This activity shows that our brains are evolving. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce).

Prior generations had been forced to operate challenging and think excessively about funds. The baby boomers lived in a time soon after WWII when finances were only recovering, therefore they had been forced to work hard for money in order to survive. Similarly, generation X recently lived via The Wonderful Recession which occurred throughout the 1930’s and featured gross domestic product decline which resulted in unemployment rate, and usually known as the worst financial downturn considering that the Fantastic Depression. As a outcome, our previous generations did not have time to live, but as an alternative occupied their thoughts towards perform and funds. (Picardo).

Millennials appear to be outstanding lazy is due to their satisfaction towards life. Millennials are a generation satisfied with their monetary signifies and function to reside rather than live to function. Because each and every generation becomes wealthier, folks no longer extensively anxiety about cash in contrast to their preceding generations who have been forced to work their way up the socioeconomic ladder the difficult way. Millennials are much more concerned about searching for a work life-balance and pursuing a profession that they are passionate about. To the majority of millennials, high salary is only a bonus. (Chou).

Basically because millennials are not cash hungry does not imply that they are lazy.

In truth, depending on their passions, they are highly motivated. In my individual perception, I see hugely motivated individuals thriving at my university. I notice that pre-medical students invest hours on their studies in order to receive A’s because they know that they are needed to do so in order to be admitted to Health-related college. These students are those passionate about helping others. In addition, I notice that other students, such as interdisciplinary research majors, who are far more concerned about private improvement rather than grades. Such students are not interested or concerned about what a piece of paper has to say about them and are much more passionate about other elements of life. Nevertheless regardless of grades, they work extremely difficult in other regions of passionate interest. Conversely, I face students who dream of becoming investment bankers since they are motivated by cash. These students are hugely motivated and live to perform rather than generate which means in their lives. Previous generations were overly concerned about funds, as a result they placed further effort into pursuing a profession that promised a high salary without having thinking about passion. For this cause, it is reasonable to argue that millennials are not lazy just simply because they are motivated for diverse causes. They are motivated by life and passion rather than monetary indicates.

It is affordable to argue that millennials are not lazy simply because they strategy perform in a diverse way than preceding generations. Prior generations view millennials as lazy due to the fact they are novel to their new way of attitude, motivation, and approach of function. Just due to the fact millennials work very challenging towards their passions rather than income, does not indicate that they are lazy.
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