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Treaty Of Lancaster Essay

Competition at the river Valley sparked the new round of hostilities. The country staked their right to this area on the ground of two accords: The Treaty of Lancaster (1744) with the Indian (Haudenosaunee ), Who got earlier claimed this country by hand of conquering at different clans; and the pact of Logstown (1748) with this Shawnee, Lenni Lenape (river ) , and Wyandot (as the Huron came to be known in the region) , Negotiated by George Croghan, the Pennsylvania merchant. After land grants to the river corporation of Virginia at 1749, English explorers, dealers, and colonists started trickling into the Forks of the river area, whereupon France reasserted its territorial claims.
The year before the signing of the Lancaster pact, the Indian had a lot of clashes to colonists in the Shenandoah Valley. They also virtually announced complete war on the Virginia area until its governor gave them the total of 100 sterling pounds for any claims they took on the Valley. The act was to be subsequently accompanied by the sellout of all their stakes in the Shenandoah Valley for 200 lbs.
Some colonists traversed the mountains after 1750, though they were impeded by Indian resistance. The 1744 pact of Lancaster got left unclear whether the Indian got sold just as far as those Alleghenies, or all their right South of the river, including the part of modern West Virginia. In the 1752 convention of the pact of Logstown, they recognized the position of English settlements South of the river, but the Cherokee and Shawnee claims even continued. During the French and Indian War (1754–1763 ), these scattered villages were virtually demolished.

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