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Published: 26-10-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The drainage pattern of an area depends upon following aspects

Geological time period of drainage basin.

Nature, structure and variety of rocks.

Slope and topography of that location.

Rainfall, quantity of flow and periodicity of flow of water.


Dendritic the term dendritic originiates fromgreek word dendrites (pertaining like a tree). In dendriticwater channelsjoin with each other in a manner that it resembles like the branches of a tree. It is discovered in the locations exactly where the water channels adhere to the slope of terrain. Example rivers of northern plains ganga, Yamuna, and so forth.

Trellis drainage in this drainage technique the tributaries flow parallel to each and every other and to the principal channel. They join the mainstream of river at about correct angles, therefore resembling like trellise. These are the characteristics of fold mountains. Instance- Theold fold mountains of singhbhum( chotanagpur pleateau) has trellis drainage pattern.

Rectangular drainage: this drainage pattern is marked by appropriate angled bends juctions among tributaries and mainstream. It a lot more irregular and its tributaries are neither lengthy nor parallel as in trellis pattern. Example – Rectangular drainage pattern is found in Vindhyas mountains.

Parallel- Here the rivers and its tributaries flow approximately parallel to each and every other. It is due to the steep slopeswith some relief. Due to steep slopes the streams are typically swift and are almost straight. The rivers have very handful of tributaries and all of them flow in the exact same path. Example –in western ghats, tiny and swift rivers originiate and stick to parallel drainage pattern and discharge their water in Arabian sea.

Radial – the radial drainage pattern develops when rivers originiating from a hill( central point) flows in all directions and resembles like the spoke of a wheel. Instance Son, Mahanadi, Narmada and so forth originiating from Amarkantak variety and flowing in all directions.

Centripetal drainage- It is opposite of Radial drainage pattern. Here rivers discharge there water from all directions in a lake or a depression. Instance – Loktak Lake of Manipur.

Annular drainage system – when the streams flow through about circular or concentric path along the belt of weak rock system and resemble to a ring likepattern, it is known as annular pattern. Instance – Nilgiri hills found in Tamilnadu and Kerela has annular drainage pattern.

Deranged drainage pattern – when there is no coherent drainage pattern of flow to the rivers and lakes, it is referred as deranged drainage pattern. It takes place in regions of geological disruptions like lately vacated ice sheets etc. The melting of ice- sheets leave the land with many irregularities major to deranged pattern. Example – Deranged drainage pattern are discovered in the glaciated valleys of Karakoram variety.
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