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Violence In Video Games Essay

A lot of children and still adults make video games. Nearly everyone in this world has some kind of game or device that is accustomed to make games. It's what current, what everyone desires and sometimes wants. Then regardless what, you can find people playing video games and you can’ ’t break it. Then reason are video games better for you? Video games particularly intense people encourage creativity and hand eye coordination. Crime rates in the U.S have gone down significantly since television games have gone more and more popular.… Rhetorical criticism Essay According to this section “ Shooting at this black ” writer, Benedict Carey, States that works present on violent television games show no tangible information on really long term negative effects on gamers. Mr. Carey is not a researcher or person but is a expert author of neuroscience, medicine, and science. Throughout the article he gives actual information and quotations from academic sources , e.g., physicians and researchers in the fields of behavior and science.


This effect of violence in television games is further determined at how shooters have used video games to take before carrying out acts of aggression. The U.S. Personnel have also applied television games to school soldiers, with this Marine Corps licensing Doom II in 1996 to make this education instrumentation ‘ Marine Doom. ’ Moreover, various studies, including the American Psychological association’’s 2005 and 2015 resolutions, Indicate that violent video games increase aggressive thoughts, behavior, and change prosocial behaviors.


Video games do not have aggression since evidence of the connection between playing video games and aggression is lacking. Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson in Texas A& M International University thinks research relating play and aggression is inconclusive. “ This is the place of research that, up to now, has not been really well done. I see it and I can’ ’t tell what it implies ” (Carey ). University research conducted to form gaming and violence did not make the connection. This Supreme Court opinion proves The connection between violence and video games has not been seen.


Playing video games teaches children that violence is an acceptable way of solving their conflicts. Those who play video games, especially games with violent content, do not develop the belief that using non-violence means can solve a problem. They tend to be less forgiving when compared to those children who play non-violent video games (Sherry, 2001). Children tend to confuse real-world violence with video game violence. After fantasizing about the violence in video games, children are likely to fight in schools and in the streets. New video games allow a lot of physical interaction with the players.


It is true that the child psychology community is conflicted regarding the effect of violence in video games. But not all video games are violent. And besides, the reason violent video games might lead to violence is that they act as simulators. By selecting the right games, parents can turn the power of simulation into something positive for their kids.


Can video games make my child become violent? Expert opinions differ on whether there's a connection between video game violence and real-world violence. Youth violence has sharply declined as video game consumption has skyrocketed, which would seem to suggest there is little to no connection. Keep in mind, the way an individual child reacts to violent content varies vastly with age, maturity, and emotional makeup. Iowa State University professor Craig Anderson, co-author of Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents (Oxford University Press), says, "Video games are wonderful teaching tools.

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