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Walmart Organizational Structure Essay

Walmart Stores Inc. Document represents a complete investigation of Walmart business strategy. This study illustrates the use of these leading analytical strategic models in business works , e.g., SWOT, PESTEL, porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain analysis and McKinsey 7S Model on. Furthermore, this study contains analyses of walmart’s marketing strategy and talks about the matters of corporate social responsibility.
Walmart’s organisational structure is hierarchical and functioning. This organization’’s organisational structure is made up of two characteristics, hierarchy and function-based. Organization is the vertical position of control and authority. Every worker, except the CEO, has the quality. Directives from these high levels of governance are applied by middle managers down to the rank-and-file employees at their shops. Function-based organization feature involves the group of employees accomplishing specific purposes, for instance, human resource management, information technology, commerce and the likes.
Walmart has a hierarchical structural organisational structure. The system has two characteristics: Hierarchy and function-based explanation. This hierarchy characteristic pertains to the vertical lines of control and authority throughout the organisational system. For instance, except for the CEO, every worker has the direct leader. Directives and mandates arriving from the high levels of the corporation’’s administration are applied through middle managers down to the rank-and-file employees at Walmart shops. For instance, Walmart has the division for the use of human resource management.

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