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Published: 02-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Wells Fargo Scandal: Ethical Issues And Possible Prevention Measures

In today’s society the scandals that hit huge corporations are found and discussed speedily due to the use of the media. How a business responds and resolves the issue can turn into detrimental to the bottom line of success and development. In the following text we will go over a current Wells Fargo scandal, the ethical problems and how or if the scandal could have been prevented.

Facts of Case

In 2008/2009 Wells Fargo mandated a companywide quota for opening, or the cross selling of solutions, on new client accounts by staff. Nevertheless, it was discovered that in order to meet the quota employees began generating fake accounts for buyers. These “free” accounts promised by employees to buyers were truly premium accounts, Wells Fargo premium accounts are related to large costs. Those big fees lead to more than drafted accounts and these more than drafted accounts lead to larger troubles such as ruining a customer’s lines of credit.

Ethical Troubles

The most evident ethical situation with the 2008/2009 Wells Fargo scandal was the loss or misuse of trust, which resulted in the loss of integrity of Wells Fargo personnel. The loss of honesty for a private incentive had an impact on the corporation as a entire. Incorrect selection making problems chosen and followed by way of by employees and not the customers lead to lowered reputation and moral of Wells Fargo.

Was Wells Fargo Wrong or Not?

Wells Fargo employees have been wrong for lying, producing and opening false accounts as well as hiding the truth that they have been undertaking so in order to obtain an incentive. Piazza & Jourdan (2018) recognized that without having publicity, an organizations misconduct may possibly or may not alter organizational membership, meaning that if not caught, employees would stay to reap the advantages to their paychecks. Carberry, E. J., Engelen, P., & Van Essen, M. (2018) found that the charges of misconduct by corporations starts with the price of replacing employees and can lead to reputation penalties, which can be rooted to the decline of a corporations stock price and loss of stakeholders. The whole account opening scandal of Wells Fargo was systemic in the sense that it was companywide, and not triggered by one individual.

What is the Root Trigger or Supply?

The expertise and distribution of incentives to employees for cross-promoting solutions and accounts began the largest problem of Wells Fargo’s scandal. The choices created were companywide in order for all who participated to advantage.

How Could This Have Been Avoided?

Initial of all, by not offering an incentive for quota purposes. When you create a reward, but do not monitor how it accomplished or earned, then you begin to let staff to engage in unethical company practices. Much more so, when Wells Fargo executives discovered that there was an situation with fake accounts they required to stop the plan, announce the issue, and resolve ahead of it got worse. Corporations facing misconduct findings, try to limit the discloser of problems in order to limit outside damages. In an try to correct the scenario, Wells Fargo fired 5,300 participating personnel, which amounts to about 1 percent of the 300,000 total company employees. Even so, when there are a number of motives for hitting specific industry thresholds, more than your daily workers are at fault. Piazza & Jourdan (2018) recognized that when a member of an organization are tied to it, and have to deal with the consequences, the less they are to react to a scandal. The corporate culture would need to modify, starting by verifying that the CFO or CEO’s ethical choices are in line with the company’s. The greater powered employee has the potential to trickle down to all personnel the ethical enterprise values needed to run in a truthful way.

When misconduct becomes the central concentrate of interest, an organization has the opportunity to show that they have better ethical norms or they grow to be perceived as non-strict enforcers to ethical practices. With the combination of private and company ethics, organizational controls and governmental regulation, a business to creation of an unethical corporate culture becomes significantly less. Even so, more than one individual or department is accountable for how an organization is run and becoming or getting socially accountable leads to far better end outcomes, fantastic profits and attraction of much more buyers for enterprise growth.
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