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Work Specilization Essay

Let's examine. Job specialization, sometimes called the division of Work, refers to the degree to which the organization divides various tasks into distinct occupations. It allows the director to make difficult tasks and break them down into smaller, more accurate tasks that particular workers will accomplish. The assembly line offers a great example for how job specialization is carried out in the organisation.


The last thing I see in every great leader is that good work is the single greatest threat to great work. Good work is such a threat because it gets the job done and can get sold to a client but its a compromise. Great work takes hard work, thought and the passion to go beyond what could get sold and get to work that is great, meticulously thought out and breakthrough. You get there by treating creativity like a blue-collar profession where are willing to do the extra work to create strong concepts and understand that when it comes to their execution there are no unimportant details.


Don't be afraid of hard work. Your work ethic not only effects your success, but the success of those around you. Set a good example like Ford did by always being on the working floor. Lead by example. Be the hardest worker at your company, both for your own sake and for those around you. Commit to your craft and mission, even if it means going the extra mile and doing that extra bit of work after your duties are done. Work hard at adding value and the results will follow.


Ryan Coogler has just worked with cinematographers who are feminine for his work movies. The centre for the survey of Women in cinema and TV conducted a survey that indicated, since 1998, just 2 percent — 6 % of cinematographers working on studio films are female. Coogler gets made certain he gets included feminine voices on his tasks and worked on Rachel Morrison (who went with him on Fruitvale) to be the photographer for dark Panther. This is a huge victory as she is the only female photographer to be on the movie with the plan of the measure.



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