Persuasive Essay is one of the most complicated and interesting academic papers for students. This type of paper requires a set of facts and findings that allow convincing the audience that your point of view is the one correct. A persuasive essay remains a special task for students who must demonstrate their persuasive skills. The writer should convince the reader once sharing his opinion. High school and college students often face this type of academic assignment.

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It is important to select interesting ideas for a persuasive essay. There are numerous Persuasive Essay Topics that can be used as the main subject for research. The main content of the essay is the persuasive speech aimed at convincing a reader. Therefore, the text must include strong argumentation and supporting evidence. Moreover, the final paper needs to be interesting and unique.

Our Special Persuasive Essay Topics Collection

We have analyzed a bunch of Persuasive Essay Topics to let you choose the most innovative and on-time topics. You can find a list of the top speech topics for an essay paper divided into sub-categories according to a chosen subject.

TOP 10 Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The reasons to allow breastfeeding in public places
  2. The prohibition of ads aimed at kids and teenagers
  3. Urgent need for healthy living habits for young people
  4. The influence of Internet over young people
  5. The need to wear uniform in schools
  6. Parent’s responsibility for children’s illegal behavior
  7. The danger of fast food serving at schools
  8. The negative effect of smoking
  9. The difficulty of modern school exams
  10. Different classes for boys and girls

TOP 10 Mid-Difficulty Persuasive Topics for a Speech or an Essay

  1. The prohibition of testing on animals
  2. The phenomenon of ACLU in America
  3. Being a part of a college football team
  4. The decrease in the tax rate in the United States
  5. The reasons for increasing the age for driving
  6. The advantages of an alternative energy
  7. The obligatory taxes for churches
  8. Rights for caring electroshocking weapon
  9. The best ways to solve conflicts in the world
  10. The reasons for climate changes

TOP 10 Self-Help Writing Ideas

  1. The ways to solve the problem with illegal immigrants
  2. The reasons to allow euthanasia
  3. Same-Sex marriages in modern society
  4. The border fence issue in modern American politics
  5. The inappropriate materials banned in a school network
  6. The ethics of posting in social media
  7. Identity theft is a huge criminal action
  8. The prohibition of social media in school
  9. The improvement of the health care system
  10. Death penalty for child molesters

TOP 10 Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

  1. The influence of educated women in the world
  2. Certification for couples who plan to have kids
  3. The religion importance for the modern generation
  4. The importance of high education for modern society
  5. The modern technologies and devices usage
  6. The artificial intelligence advantages
  7. Obligatory lessons on how to pay taxes in school
  8. Alternative energy importance for the environment
  9. Sport and activity in school and college
  10. The tests for teachers in school and college


  1. The prohibition of ads in schools
  2. The danger of fast foods for young people
  3. The parents’ responsibility for kid’s illegal actions
  4. Internet usage in colleges
  5. Prohibited social media for using in colleges
  6. Climate changes is a human fault
  7. The constitutional right for self-defense
  8. The equality of men and women politics
  9. Cyber-attacks as an intelligence instrument
  10. Advanced filters for school and college networks

TOP 10 Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. The last one who will stay alive in Avengers
  2. The donkeys ruling the world
  3. The worst song ever written
  4. The country music and reason to hate it
  5. The shark attacks via bears attacks
  6. The great job based on video game skills
  7. Scaring people with braces
  8. How to do nothing and look serious
  9. Barbie-like girls’ phenomenon
  10. E-mail spam masters

TOP 10 Persuasive essay topics about music

  1. The music therapy as a legal treatment
  2. The best song ever written
  3. The influence of music on human’s brains
  4. Metal music real goal and audience
  5. The good and evil music
  6. The importance of learning music at school
  7. The phenomenon of Madonna
  8. Rock music & pop music
  9. Classical music in history
  10. The music that brings happiness

TOP 10 Science persuasive essay topics

  1. Artificial intelligence benefits and danger
  2. The scientific evidence of god’s existence
  3. The full computerization of work processes
  4. An initiative to reach Mars in the near future
  5. Hyperloop and its benefits for people
  6. Flying cars: possible future or a simple myth
  7. The increased importance of modern technologies
  8. The obligatory computer science education
  9. Improved algorithm of data storage
  10. Secure information systems
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TOP 10 Argumentative persuasive essay topics

  1. Men and women equality: myth or reality
  2. Artificial intelligence phenomenon
  3. The importance of flying on Mars
  4. Sexual desire as a driver of human behavior
  5. The need for religion in the modern era
  6. Atheism as another influential religion
  7. The danger of experiments with genetics
  8. The prohibition of polygamy
  9. The benefits of genetically modified organisms
  10. The importance of women’s education

Bonus: 14 brilliant persuasive essay topics

  1. Religion freedom’s allusion in the world
  2. The first experiments with men’s contraception
  3. The degrading nature of grades system
  4. The sex education at school
  5. The bad effects of drugs and alcohol
  6. How to live through natural disasters
  7. The solution for illegal immigrants’ issue
  8. The danger of the biological weapon
  9. The prohibition of tortures
  10. The importance of surveillance for US society
  11. Helping other people as a life aim
  12. The good and terrible in the modern world
  13. The ethics cores for modern society
  14. The improvement of the national tax system

How to choose a good idea for your persuasive essay from the list above?

How to Choose a Good Persuasive Idea?

Choosing a Persuasive Essay topic for writing is not an easy task for many students. A wide selection of different topics confuses students which topic to choose. The choice of a good topic should be approached responsibly and first of all pay attention to the topic to which you are interested. However, what if you have a lot of ideas? In this case, highlight those Persuasive topics that are relevant today. Do not use too broad a topic. Better to disclose the narrow topic than to dispel the attention. Then think about your audience. Correct the topic so that it hooks your audience. You can select the most suitable speech topics or use the provided ideas in order to come up with your own essay topic. Use any of the presented Persuasive Essay Topics.


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