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Among the many types of college tasks, writing a literature review is one of the most challenging and tedious ones. It is overparticular about the precision and format. But that is not the most of the problem. The real difficulty is the amount of time you have to spend on it. The job has null chances to possess a soft spot in students' hearts. No wonder that the possibility to delegate it is so welcome.

If you are looking at the mountains of books on your table and bookmarks in your browser, asking yourself desperately “How can I write my literature review?” – it can be the right time to accept a helping hand.

Here at, we introduce the literature review writing service – that ultimate solution for all your troubles.

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The Pitfalls of Writing Literature Reviews in College

In brief, a literature review is a summary of authoritative works in some areas. It differs much from a movie review essay that you might do. The literature review is extensive – the size is from 3,000 to 10,000 words.

The goal of such an analysis is clear: you learn the current state of some scientific problem and its context. There will be the names of the most outstanding researchers and their claims pro and contra. With their help, you build your knowledge.

Unfortunately, it has its reverse side:

  • You have to find and examine all those sources thoroughly. It takes a lot of time.
  • You must evaluate and analyze each source. Them you make a proper summary of the contents with your own conclusions.
  • You need to compare the resources and identify the possible gaps that your research can fill.
  • You compile the literature review according to academic requirements to the format.

Note that your professors can easily find errors in such reviews – any slip of the pen or incorrect formatting will not go unnoticed. However, there can be much more dangerous consequences if you fail to provide summaries and valid conclusions. For the tutors, it would mean your failure in the essential academic areas.

In most cases, a literature review paper requires several days to do it. As you most likely have lots of other duties, this assignment becomes even more problematic. Still, it will cost you too much if you fail it – you can’t afford to lose in this aspect.

That’s why the wisest solution might be to turn to professionals. If you can pay for literature review and get it done on time, the problem won’t exist anymore. The skills and experience of writers will guarantee you the desired results. It means that we constantly deal with tasks of literature reviews – they are our cup of tea. We offer the coursework help and other academic writing services too.

How Can EssayPay Help You with a Literature Review?

A literature review is a complex task. The thing is, it includes many subtypes focused on different aspects of sources. There is the argumentative review, the conceptual review, or the integrative review, and so on. Altogether, we have 12 subtypes, and each of them is a separate framework.

When you order a literature review from our team, you get a paper matching all general academic requirements and specific demands of your professor.

  • Our academic performers have comprehensive knowledge of every literature review type and its peculiarities. No matter which task you have – the result will meet all the criteria.
  • You can provide us with the list of sources, or inform the topic only. Then we’ll research it ourselves to compile the list of works and review them.
  • We take care about originality. For our review writing service, it is more than passing the plagiarism check. Text originality comes by default. In the literature review, you have to show that you've researched the source appropriately – your summary and conclusions are the evidence. Our gifted writers will make a highly personalized review proving your effort and understanding of all materials.
  • The paper will meet all formatting requirements, no matter which formatting style you need to apply (MLA, APA, or other). Any literature review writer who is an employee of the is proficient with all these styles. Besides, a team of editors works on the papers too. They make sure to polish the document and track and fix any errors possible.

Why Should You Choose Our Literature Review Service?

Partnership with the high-class academic writing service is a constant benefit. First, you get the time for yourself. While we are working on the review, you can focus on some other assignment, socialize, or have some sleep. Second, you get a reputation boost. Every excellent paper is evidence of your academic brightness.

You can get more benefits from our partnership:

  • Money-saving service. Our prices won't do damage to your budgets, as we all know that students can’t afford to waste money. The longer the deadline is, the cheaper it will be for you. However, an urgent task will be affordable too. Besides, you get the editing, proofreading, formatting, and revisions free of charge;
  • substantial discounts and loyalty program. Using our services, you can get the prices reduced for you personally on a regular basis;
  • total protection of your identity. Our cooperation is confidential, and no one will ever learn about it. The papers you get from us are yours, and you can use them as you wish;
  • money-back guarantee.

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