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110 Stunning Argumentative Essay Topics for your Inspiration

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An argumentative essay is an academic paper, which is aimed at revealing an ability to think critically. This paper is often assigned at high school and college. In addition to checking the students’ ability to provide their own point of view, it also shows the knowledge of the English language. The students who want to submit a perfect argumentative essay must provide a good argumentation and knowledge of the analyzed subject.

What are Good Topics for an Argumentative Essay?

Every argumentative essay needs an attention-grabbing and on-time main theme. Therefore, students need to choose among a wide variety of existed Argumentative Essay Topics. The proper topic for an essay is the one that can be revealed in details and supported by evidence. Moreover, the topic must be unique and interesting for readers. Once choosing a topic, make sure to conduct a profound analysis and check every idea.

Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics: Best Ways

How to Choose a Good Argumentative Essay Topics

There are numerous Argumentative Essay Topics, which can be divided into separate subcategories. Since every economic movement, political debate or technological progress issue can be a good topic for an argumentative essay, students can choose the preferable paper’s themes. Choosing a subject is a responsible stage. Thus, make sure to come up with good Argumentative Ideas. Since the argumentative essay is a critical paper, you can easily choose a controversial topic. Always select an interesting and debatable topic. Your choice must be focused on the argumentative essay subject, which can be revealed and supported by strong arguments and evidence.

How do you Write an Argumentative Essay Topic?

When you need to come up with good Argumentative Essay Topics, think about the ones most debated by modern society. Moreover, focus on the study field and the recent situation in science. We have analyzed and prepared a list of the best essay themes divided by a central subject. You can choose one of the topics below or use the provided Argumentative Ideas to come up with your own central theme.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The influence of YouTubers and their viral videos
  2. Funny cat videos can rule the world
  3. The reasons for people to arrange pranks
  4. The world ruled by dogs & cats
  5. How to pretend that you are working
  6. The easiest ways to be rejected on a date
  7. The clown’s creepy outfits
  8. The worst pop-song ever
  9. The best Avengers
  10. The reason to hate your name

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. College athlete’s routine: stereotypes and truth
  2. The phenomenon of cheerleading in the USA
  3. Sports programs sponsorship
  4. The reasons to ban animal sports
  5. Sports betting as a sport discipline
  6. The benefits of the chess game for human’ brain
  7. The enormous income of top sportsmen
  8. The difference in salaries of male and female athletes
  9. The difference between football and soccer
  10. The ads and online promotion in sports

Argumentative Speech Topics

  1. The improvement of the education system in the US
  2. Healthy eating and regular training for life-improvement
  3. Steroids negative effects
  4. The real effect of high education
  5. The benefits of having a university degree
  6. The benefits and danger of free access to the Internet
  7. The universal language in the world
  8. Dangerous sports for college students
  9. The ineffective current grading system
  10. The prohibition of violent video games

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The importance of high education for women
  2. The ways to fight poverty in the world
  3. The proper age for using social media
  4. The phenomenon of social media pranks
  5. The benefits of exploring space
  6. The way technology limits creativity
  7. The benefits and danger of online dating
  8. The way to solve the immigration problem
  9. The perfect health system features
  10. The need to made education free for everyone

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Famous people in modern society
  2. The teenagers’ obsession with popular brands
  3. Android & Apple: advantages and disadvantages
  4. Improved ways of headache treatment
  5. Climate changes danger for the modern generation
  6. The ways to solve inequality in the world
  7. The most popular song in the history
  8. The phenomenon of information wars
  9. The free-trade policies in world countries
  10. The ways to prevent WWIII

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Socialism & capitalism
  2. The Bitcoin phenomenon
  3. The top economic policies for Third World countries
  4. The importance of the EU for citizens of Europe
  5. The NATO expansion in Eastern Europe
  6. Brexit: reasons and outcomes
  7. The modern learning methodologies
  8. The problem of an increasingly aging population
  9. The prohibition of medical experiments on animals
  10. The illegal usage of drugs and their outcomes

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  1. The dramatic outcomes of drugs and alcohol usage
  2. The damage to modern ethics
  3. The negative influence of violent video games on people
  4. Energy drinks’ increased danger for people
  5. The prohibition of ads aimed at kids
  6. The proper voting age
  7. The benefits of the Industrial Revolution for the modern era
  8. The social minorities’ rights in modern society
  9. The electric cars: benefits and problems
  10. Globalization process pros and cons

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. The development of modern technologies and devices
  2. The influence of social media on young generation
  3. The improvement of the education system
  4. The need for obligatory exams for teachers
  5. How to stay alive during a tsunami
  6. American aborigines and their history
  7. The ways to fight poverty in the world
  8. Free study in college and university
  9. The improvement of the law system
  10. Cyber threats in the modern era

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. The usage of the latest technologies in the education process
  2. The end of technological breakthrough
  3. Internet use in middle school
  4. The need for free medicine
  5. The kindness of people as the main advantage
  6. The use of spy programs ethical aspect
  7. Global warming problem
  8. The ways to earn money online
  9. Rock music & pop music
  10. The most popular books in history

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The healthy eating features and benefits
  2. Anorexia and its treatment
  3. The evidence of diets’ effectiveness
  4. Importance of cultivating healthy sleeping habits
  5. Top sports for keeping muscles fit
  6. The danger of horror films for the inner self
  7. Regular training importance
  8. The improvement of the health care system
  9. The music as an official treatment
  10. The false effectiveness of homeopathy

Bonus: 10 brilliant Argumentative essay topics

  1. Can gossips be used as good evidence
  2. The ways to earn more by using your creativity
  3. The reasons why books cannot be changed by e-books
  4. Brexit phenomenon and lessons to learn
  5. Informational wars in the modern era
  6. The global cyber threats
  7. The improvement of foreign policies
  8. The advanced need of modern technologies
  9. Reaching Mars: perspectives and threats
  10. Alternatives energy: pros and cons

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