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Critical Thinking Essay Writing Guide: Fast, Easy and Enjoyable

Critical thinking Essay

Critical thinking essay is a specific essay type that urges you to use analytical skills. With these skills, you should evaluate some object or statement and make your educated decision. Writing these essays is a frequent college assignment and a great exercise for your critical thinking.

It is not a trifle – you’d hardly do it in a couple of an hour. On the other hand, it is not rocket science either. Critical thinking is the background of human society and civilization. You can train these skills, and you can present them at a high level in the essay.

To help you to do this job, our experienced essay writers have created this article. Here, you’ll learn the following:

  • what is a critical thinking essay: the demands and requirements;
  • what are the essence of critical thinking and its components;
  • what are helpful methods to write this essay quickly and efficiently?

Proceed with the reading, and we’ll share all the secrets with you!

The Essence and Value of Critical Thinking in the Modern World

Critical thinking is the essential quality of modern world society. In fact, it is the ability to evaluate and resolve a problem supporting your decision with objective evidence. Some decisions are indeed difficult, and the issues can be very sophisticated.

However, it is still possible to find the solution if you have the knowledge, understand how factors influence each other and can evaluate them all. Critical thinking is the basis of human existence in the modern world.

Every act of critical thinking passes five stages:

  • Identification of a problem. At this stage, you realize that the problem is present and evaluate how big it is. Further, you find out its causes and estimate the possible effects;
  • Collecting information. Objective knowledge is the best helper to resolve a problem. You research the circumstances and possibilities. The information should not be taken for granted – you evaluate its reliability too. It does not mean you do it all alone – asking other people for help is a proper opportunity;
  • Evidence evaluation. You’ve collected the data, and now it is time to process them. It is critical to request several sources and gather the evidence both pro and contra. Note that there are different interpretations of the same data – you need to find the origin;
  • Looking for a solution. A problem can have several possible solutions, and you need to choose the most suitable one. Evaluate each of the options and define the potential obstacles. At this stage, it is useful to refer to the past and check if there were similar problems and which practical solutions they got. Also, check the possible consequences of each action;
  • Putting the solution into action. After you evaluate if the answer is feasible and how it will affect the situation in other aspects (potential risks), you apply it. Now the task is to watch the case and evaluate the effectiveness of your choice.

The decision can be wrong, and you will accept the consequences. Constant analysis of choices means that you search for ways to improve the solutions. Critical thinking is not a separate act – it is the mode of life.

Why writing Critical Thinking Essays is so Essential for Students

Generally speaking, you need critical thinking to write any essay. Even if you prefer to buy an essay, you need to evaluate the result. As for any other essay assignments, you have to present your opinion on some topics and produce trustworthy arguments. So, you work on research and analysis, and these are the characteristics of critical thinking. The more you practice – the better your skills become.

There is one more significant advantage. Your knowledge and excellent critical thinking skills help you to understand how to write an essay fast, so you can complete any task.

Thus, this essay type is a paper illustrating how you research and evaluate some problem. You are supposed to show how you work on solutions and consider their strong and weak points. You think critically and show how you do that – in written form.

It is not the only difference. You can’t just write your thinking process down – you have to develop a precise structure and make your reasoning sharp and concise. But it won’t be a problem for you because further, we’ll explain how you can cope with the task.

How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay: Practical Steps

Choosing the Suitable Topic

Any essay starts with the topic choice. It shows what information you should search for and which aspects to explore. No matter if you have a list of predefined topics, or develop your own idea, use the following tips to choose one:

  • The topic should be catchy for you as a writer;
  • It should be actual to grasp other people’s attention;
  • There should be enough materials for you to research.

Let’s name a few topics for critical thinking papers:

  1. The problem of corruption in judging some sports.
  2. Adoption of children from developing countries.
  3. The influence of propaganda on people’s psychological health.
  4. The impact of social media on changing our behavior.
  5. The role of a unique personality in critical historical events.
  6. Gender equity and inequity.
  7. How important it is to develop your own style.
  8. The main factors of climate change.
  9. Why do dictatorship regimes still exist?
  10. How do we understand the author’s ideas from books we read?

Making a Critical Thinking Paper Outline

This essay demands are overparticular about the way you present your reasoning. It must be transparent and logical. Thus, you need an excellent critical thinking essay outline – a detailed plan of the essay. You use it to define the contents of your paper and the sequence of elements. This way, you can also track all connections and illustrate the process of your thinking most evidently.

An essay consists of three parts: Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion. These parts are present in the outline:

An introduction is the opening part of your essay.

  • Grasp the audience with a hook – some interesting fact or a question.
  • Define the topic and explain the reason why you took it.
  • Present the thesis statement – the particular problem you research and its possible solution.
  • Make a transition to the Main Body section.

Main Body is the most substantial part of the essay. Here, you demonstrate how you think critically to come to the solution.

  • Introduce the present opinions regarding the topic. Describe which possible solution you found during the research.
  • Analyze the strong and weak points of the solution.
  • Present a suitable solution and explain which benefits and risks it gives.
  • Note that you should dedicate one section to one idea.
  • Make sure to put transitions between the elements to develop a strong structure.

The conclusion is the final piece of your essay. It should cover one paragraph.

  • Restate the thesis and specify how it is connected to the conclusion.
  • Don’t use any new information, but try to change the context: your specific topic should become a broader problem. Finalize with a call to action. For instance, you can offer the audience to consider that problem too and maybe find a better solution.

Some more Tips to Train the Critical Thinking Skills

  • During the research, define the starting points of any problem.
  • Consider its importance.
  • Examine the consequences of actions.
  • Find the arguments pro and contra, and evaluate them.
  • Analyze why you consider some evidence to be true or false, and if your judgment is right.
  • Consider the benefits of the decision.
  • Think about other factors that can improve the results.

Let’s Write an Outstanding Critical Thinking Essay Together!

Critical thinking is an essential skill. With its help, you can become a mature personality. It ensures that you understand the consequences of your decisions and value logical arguments over emotions. Regular writing of a critical thinking essay helps you to evolve and gain more experience in problem-solving. We hope that this article could equip you with the knowledge you required. Now you can cope with any critical thinking essay task.

However, if you are not sure about your abilities now and need more help – we’ll be glad to assist you with writing. The professional team of authors can consult you on the formal paper writing or compose it for you from scratch. You can ask ‘write my essay‘ to get a guarantee of an excellent result. EssayPay specialists will become your reliable partners. Contact us, as we are already here for you.

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