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116 Debate Topics For Students – Most Effective Topic Ideas for Debates

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A debate is a common task in high school or college. The ability to run an effective debate is the top characteristic of a good specialist. You must be willing to demonstrate great abilities to debate if you want to keep your high academic rating. In the same time, students often face problems when dealing with debates. Mostly, they lack proper arguments, supporting evidence and skills to present every fact correctly. Moreover, they suffer from choosing proper debate topic ideas.

What is Debate Topics?

Good debate topics are interesting subjects that keep the audience absorbed with the story-telling process. When you want to choose a debate topic that remains both interesting and well-timed, you must check a bunch of various debate topics. Mostly, students base their discussions on the problems that worry about the entire society. In addition, the chosen topic depends on the definite subject and purpose. Thus, themes for debates differ in schools and colleges.

What Types of Debate Topics?

Types of Debate Topics

First of all, debate themes differ by levels of education:

  • debate topics for elementary students;
  • topics for high and middle school;
  • debate topics for college students;
  • special topics for undergraduates.

Debates also differs by format:

  • Persuasive Debate Topics
  • Controversial Debate Topics
  • Argumentative Debate Topics.

Persuasive Debate Topics

These topics are aimed at persuading the audience. You must cover a problem that people care about. Moreover, you should make the audience to share your point of view. Therefore, you provide strong arguments, facts, and supporting evidence.

Controversial Debate Topics

This is the most challenging debate topic for students since it requires lots of arguments. It also needs long and intensive public discussions. Often, a great controversial theme is the one that cannot have one single right answer.

Argumentative Debate Topics

Argumentative topics cover a wide variety of specific problems, different important issues and specific subjects. They require profound in-depth research, up-to-date study materials, and impressive supporting evidence base.

List of 116 Interesting Debate Topics

We have analyzed the most preferred topics, and come up with the top list of Debate Topics divided by the subject and format.

Environment Topics

  1. The prohibition of tests on animals
  2. The top ways to protect nature
  3. The future cities: features and differences
  4. The benefits of solar energy: financial factor
  5. The alternative sources of energy: pros and cons
  6. The danger of plastic packages for environment
  7. The environmental disaster: how to prevent?
  8. The best ways to protect wildfire
  9. The alternative and traditional sources of energy
  10. The reasons to ban animals’ participation in circus

Science Topics

  1. The advanced influence of social media on teenagers
  2. Cybersecurity methods in the modern era
  3. The best search engines rating: top features
  4. How smartphones make our life easier?
  5. The ways to connect science and religion
  6. The danger of smartphones’ usage by kids
  7. The benefits of online and traditional study
  8. The virtual reality and its outcomes for people
  9. The ways to protect personal data in the modern era
  10. Space travel and its increased costs for people

Psychology, Sociology and Ethic Debate Topics

  1. The ethical aspects of gun’s usage by citizens
  2. Why couples choose to adopt kids
  3. The ethical aspects of same-sex marriages
  4. Teenagers abortions
  5. The way religion can make you happy
  6. The reason to make a prostitution legal
  7. Religion studies in school
  8. Psychology lessons in college
  9. School conflicts as the main reason for kids’ mental disorders
  10. The ethic experiences in high school

Business Topics

  1. The best age for participating in elections
  2. The top ways to preserve rights for intellectual property
  3. The innovated taxation system: how to provide better tax
  4. The importance of anti-sodomy laws for modern society
  5. The ways to improve the security of mobile banking
  6. Are there reasons to trust modern banks?
  7. The ways to implement free education in the world
  8. The economic profitability of wars
  9. The finance managing lesson in school
  10. The top factors of financial stability

Health and Medicine Topics

  1. The reason to legalize euthanasia
  2. The negative effects of smoking: infographics
  3. Recreational marijuana: reasons to make it legal
  4. Drugs in sports: the way drugs destroy a professional career
  5. The increased importance of vaccination in the world
  6. The ways to decrease the level of organized crime
  7. Medical phenomenon: infographics and forecast
  8. The way the Internet influences our mental health
  9. The obligatory health insurance
  10. The harmful effects of drinking

Easy Debate Topics

  1. The way religion influences people
  2. The advanced methods of cybersecurity
  3. Internet and its influence on people
  4. The improvement of a health system
  5. Free education in the world
  6. The importance of free voting
  7. Social media: possibilities and negative sides
  8. Music as a stress treatment
  9. Scientific clubs for high school and colleges

Middle School Debate Topics

  1. The importance of history for the modern generation
  2. Top reasons for world wars
  3. Social networking: pros and cons
  4. The violence effects of video games
  5. Television & video games
  6. Obligatory exams for teachers
  7. The harmful effects of energy drinks
  8. Listening to music as a way of treatment
  9. Using video games in education
  10. Fast food prohibition in schools

Debate Topics for College or University Students

  1. Hunting in the modern era: ethical aspects
  2. Adoption and its importance in modern time
  3. The outdated concept of religion
  4. The reasons for increased violence in schools
  5. Vegetarian position: pros and cons
  6. The gluten-free diet benefits
  7. Internet use as the stress reason
  8. Violent video games influence
  9. Visiting live concerts: pros and cons
  10. The decrease in medical insurance cost

Funny Debate Topics

  1. The best movie in the history
  2. The favorite character of Avengers
  3. Rock music & pop music
  4. The best pizza topping
  5. Use of TV shows in education
  6. The music you hate the most
  7. The creepy appearance of clowns
  8. The phenomenon of modern pranks
  9. The increased obsession with brands
  10. Social media as a reason for stress

Sports Controversial Topics

  1. Why professional athletes use steroids
  2. Enormous salaries of professional athletes
  3. Obligatory medical insurance for college sportsmen
  4. Reason for students to go in for sports
  5. The best possible diet
  6. Physical education as a compulsory discipline
  7. College athletes: pros and cons to be in a college team
  8. The popularity of healthy lifestyle
  9. The most famous football player
  10. Why choosing foreign trainees

Bonus: 16 Most Controversial Topics

  1. Computer programming as a compulsory discipline
  2. Standardized tests for school teachers
  3. Alternative sources of energy
  4. The importance of college education
  5. Advanced possibilities of modern technologies
  6. The ways to modify the modern education system
  7. The negative influence of social media
  8. Going to Mars: benefits and possible danger
  9. The use of robots in various spheres of work
  10. Advanced mechanism of Internet technologies
  11. Automated cars: pros and cons
  12. The chances to reach Mars in the near future
  13. The increased danger of the biological weapon
  14. Bad effects of drugs and alcohol
  15. The best age for getting married
  16. The internet influence on our mental health

How to choose good topic for your Debate from the list above?

How to Choose a Good topic for your Debate

We will help you make the right choice of topics for your debates.

  • The first thing you need to know when choosing a topic – your interest. What discussion do you like the most? When you are interested in the topic, it is easier to find the right arguments.
  • Be original and witty in the construction of the topic title.
  • When dealing with debate questions, focus on the educational purpose and format of your future discussions.
  • Choose a topic that is heard. There are always controversial topics that everyone wants to discuss. However, such topics should be chosen carefully, because they may already be annoying.
  • Choose one concrete case to discuss rather than just debating a topic in general. The topic needs to be relevant to empirical data- able to be analyzed and critiqued.
  • Do not choose highly personal topics for you or others students. The process of debate can offend the feelings of others if you touch too sensitive topics.


If you have no time or desire to check a bunch of debate topics, you can easily reach essaypay.com and get many debate ideas in a few clicks. We will help to articulate a unique and cool topic for debate, which everyone will like!

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