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How to Write a Good Thesis Statement?

July 29, 2022

Your paper’s thesis statement should be a clear, concise statement of your main argument. It should answer a single question or provide evidence for your argument. Below you will find answers to questions about how to write a strong thesis statement.

What is a Thesis Statement in an Essay?

This is the statement that outlines the main argument of the paper. If the essay is a persuasive one, the thesis statement should connect with the reader on an emotional level. Consider starting with a personal story. For example, you may argue that advertisements should not be allowed in public schools. This practice encourages a materialist culture and leads to a misguided school board. You might also argue that the law governing pet ownership should be relaxed. This would allow people to have exotic pets that provide the same love and companionship as regular pets.

The thesis statement is perhaps the most important aspect of an essay. Without it, an essay would be difficult to write. It can also serve as a launching pad for future revisions. While a thesis statement can’t be the entirety of an essay, it can point toward the answers to revision questions. As a result, it is essential to know the purpose of a thesis statement before you start writing.

What Should a Thesis Statement Include?

The thesis statement should state a position or claim. It should be the final statement in your argument, before the argument body. It should take a stand and justify further discussion. A thesis statement should not be a factual statement. It is a statement that demonstrates your argument and should be backed up by details and examples. A strong thesis statement is an argument that takes a stance that may be controversial.

A topic that is highly controversial can be a compelling thesis statement. For example, in the case of world hunger, there are many causes and effects. In a country like Glandelinia, jobs are scarce and farming is seldom profitable. It is important to find a topic that is controversial. If your thesis contradicts widely accepted views, your thesis is likely to be controversial. Your readers will be interested in the topic and the evidence that supports it.

What is the Purpose of a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is the organizing principle of a text. It should not be taken as fact; it is rather an idea, claim, or interpretation that the writer hopes to convince the reader of. In short, it serves as the basis for the rest of the essay.

  • Choose an arguable topic. In other words, make your thesis statement a convincing piece of writing. You can either persuade readers or lay out a strong opinion. For instance, you could write that the government should ban 4×4 pickup trucks, or that there should be a ban on foul language in movies. On the other hand, you could write that there is an autoimmune disease called celiac disease that requires treatment.
  • Use a strong thesis statement. A strong thesis statement will direct the paper, limit the topic, and inform readers of the topic. Make sure to support the thesis statement. As with any other part of the paper, the thesis statement must be backed by evidence. It is not a statement of fact. A well-written thesis will remind the writer of the direction the text is heading, and it will also act as a road sign for the reader.
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Where is the Thesis Statement Located in an Essay?

A good place to place the thesis statement in an essay is in the introduction paragraph. This is a natural bridge to the body of the paper. This statement should take a stand, but also justify further discussion. It should be clear and convey the argument of the paper. It shouldn’t be a simple statement of fact. Instead, it should present a logical and persuasive argument that the reader should follow.

The thesis statement is generally found near the beginning of a paper, often in the introduction, but can also appear later in the paper. It should be in a place where it can grab the reader’s attention and lead the reader through the paper’s content. Sometimes, a thesis statement is located near the end of the first paragraph, since it signals the rest of the essay. While there is a difference between a thesis statement and a topic sentence, the former is usually the more effective choice.

How Long Should a Thesis Statement Be?

The length of a thesis statement depends on the paper’s scope and knowledge of the topic. It should frame the topic, state your position on it, and make your arguments clear. The length must be just right to avoid a flat thesis, yet not be too long that it imparts too much information.

A thesis statement should be about twenty to fifty words, and it should be a concise summary of the central idea of your paper. Ideally, it will be the first paragraph, but in some cases, it may take two or three sentences.

Ultimately, a thesis statement must be concise, but it must be argued. This is crucial for persuasive writing. A thesis statement can be a persuasive argument or a general opinion. For example, a thesis statement about how bad pop music is can be too broad. A thesis statement that narrows the central idea allows you to marshal the evidence easily.

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