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How to Write an Essay Fast: Prepare, Organize and Follow Our Guide!

How to write an Essay fast

Frankly speaking, writing an essay on short notice is not the best way. Instead, all essay writing guides recommend to give yourself enough time. Unfortunately, it may not be possible. First, there are English tests, where you compose essays from scratch within 30-50 minutes. Second, your situation may demand writing an essay quickly, while it can be large enough. Students need reliable methods to learn how to write essays faster.

The good news is that quick essay writing skill is not unique, and it does not even demand outstanding abilities. Everyone can master the art of how to write a good essay. Essay Pay has made this article to help you with the job promptly. You’ll find the following tips:

  • Preparations before starting the task;
  • Practical time-management techniques;
  • Practical approaches to the writing process;
  • Advice on how to keep your creative energy.

So, let’s check how you can write an essay quickly and exquisitely on your terms.

Back to Basics: Why Writing Essays is so Important in College

An essay is a definite favorite among the college homework tasks. In essence, it demands you to research some topics and present your opinion about it. Of course, you have to prove that opinion and support it with valid evidence. The task is multi-level: you have to find and analyze information, develop your idea, and compose an engaging text in the academic style. Thus, your knowledge, as well as critical thinking and writing skills, operate at full capacity.

Students need to write quality essays. If they can do them quickly – it will be advantageous in the future. In countless situations, you have to compose all types of papers very quickly.

Writing essay fast is not magic – it is a combination of the right organization and work techniques. Below you’ll find the tips helping you to achieve your goal.

How to Write a Good Essay Fast and Keep Yourself Comfortable

Let’s consider the essential things you need to compose an essay:

  • Make a work plan with the right steps;
  • Calculate the time limits for each step;
  • Stick to the plan.

As you see, preparations and organization rule it all for essay writers.

Mental Preparation

It is not any joke, as mental preparations are crucial for this task. It requires patience, dedication, and self-discipline, so you need to set your mind appropriately.

You might feel worried or even panic due to the close deadline – that sword of Damocles. Calm down – you can’t lose now. The job is doable; you only need to start it. Then, as you proceed, you find the right work rhythm, and everything becomes more accessible!

The necessary condition is to get rid of all distractions. We all are social media addicts, and the temptation to have a quick glance on your Facebook or Twitter can be intense. Ban the social networks for yourself now – they are the source of procrastination that you can’t surrender now.

It would be reasonable to disable the social media apps on the smartphone or switch the phone off. When you do your essay, you should focus on that job entirely. Of course, if you have essential essay-related notes on the phone, copy them to your computer first.

Consider the Task Requirements

Understanding what you must present is your crucial task at this stage. Read the demands attentively and consider each detail. It will be an excellent exercise for future tests; by the way, your success often depends on how well you’ve understood the task.

The catch is, your essay assignment might not be a straightforward question. It can be a more complicated prompt. Understanding what you must do it vital – incorrect interpretation will cause many more problems. If you do everything yourself, you must, first of all, ensure that you understand the requirements precisely. Otherwise, you can try the “write an essay for me” service and our experienced writers can help you.

Then, your thesis statement. It is the main idea of your essay that tells what it is about and presents your opinion. After that, you should start to collect the information on the topic.

Research the Issue

You can’t make an excellent essay without in-depth research. Never skip this stage even if you think that you already know enough about the issue. Articles lacking solid backgrounds of facts and other authorities’ opinions are vague and unconvincing. Besides, an average college essay is not a very large paper, so the research can be faster.

  • You may use all types of sources, both traditional (paper books and journals) and digital—Google for the data to find the most up-to-date information. Besides texts, you might need audio podcasts and videos if they contain the necessary information;
  • Don’t neglect such databases as Wikipedia, though it won’t suit as a reliable academic source. Still, you can find the necessary data and locate their origins. The Wikipedia articles have their own lists of works cited – trace the original sources and refer to them correctly;
  • Make notes while you are gathering the data. The best way is to make them in digital format from the very beginning. There are many solutions for the desktop PC and mobile devices. Also, note both the evidence from the sources and your ideas and reasoning; it is essential to save these data;
  • Note all sources, both the paper and digital ones. Check the requirements for formatting that essay in advance (MLA, APA, or else), and extract the necessary details for each source at once. It is possible that you won’t use some data at work this time. Still, it is much better to have the full list at hand and use a part of data rather than miss a couple of references and then rework the essay.

Plan Your Work: the Fastest Way to Write an Essay

Set yourself the time to get an essay done. Usually, it takes about an hour to write 500 words under usual circumstances. So, if your article is of that size, you’ll learn how to write an essay in an hour. Don’t forget to schedule breaks. 10-minute periods of rest after each hour of work help you to save energy and refresh your mind.

There is one simple rule when you learn how to write an essay fast: preparation defines your success. Your primary goal is to think about piece in-depth to gain the “vision” of the ready work. After that, you write as if taking dictation from yourself.

  • Make an outline of the document – 10-15 minutes. Select the main points of the essay and arguments to support them. Make sure that all your points relate to the thesis statement. Then, add the transition from one section to the following one. This structure of an essay is your support for working against the clock. You know what to write about at each stage;
  • A good tip is to write the introduction and conclusion at the end, as these elements are the most common causes of the writer’s block. Write the Body first, then base the essay’s opening and ending on the ready text with your claims and arguments;
  • Draft the essay – 1 hour per 500 words, and the total time depends on the requirements. Most likely, you’ll type an essay using some text editor. Digital documents are excellent due to their flexibility. You use one Word document to outline, draft, and edit the text. Besides, if you don’t like anything, you can roll back to the previous version;
  • Revise the essay for the first time – 10-20 minutes, depending on the size. Revising and editing are what turn your draft into a ready essay. Pay attention to the structure and the order of elements. Check the logical connections and how your statements relate to the thesis;
  • Check the number of words when you get an essay done. It is not a separate step – usually, you do it during the first revision. The Word has its own counter, or you can use online resources to learn the number of words. If you exceed the amount, you’ll have to shorten your essay. Make your sentences more concise; get rid of some quotes. In case you haven’t reached the required number – revise the outline again and consider which points might need better exposition.

These are the most effective methods when you need to know how to do an essay fast.

Improve the Essay as You Go Along

  • Mark the references in the process of writing whenever you cite anything, directly or indirectly. In the draft, you can use any note for yourself, but then you’ll have to replace it with the citation in the correct format;
  • Don’t copy and paste fragments from sources. First, it is plagiarism to take parts of someone else’s work without reference. Either make it a direct quotation with proper formatting or paraphrase/summarize the information. However, you must mark the quote there too;
  • Proofread in the process – some guides recommend not to stick to issues and type an essay first to proofread later. However, if you see an error or misspelling – correct it right away. It saves your time further;
  • Avoid overquoting. Professors know about this students’ tactic: they answer “how to quickly write an essay?” by using direct quotations. Don’t copy and paste them. Your own thoughts must be primary. However, you can use one or two direct citations if they are appropriate and make the essay more impressive.

Writing any Essay Quickly is Realistic!

We hope that this article has helped you to see how to write an essay fast and easy. Preparations and correct techniques are your helpers and guarantees. By training, you gain perfection.

Also, we have prepared for you answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic. We hope they also come in handy.

What helps me to write a long essay?

The key is preparation as well. Make a detailed plan: break the extended essay into parts and define the main points for each piece. Decide what aspects you’ll expose there, and write section by section.

How can I speed up my essay?

First, explore the topic in-depth. Get more information and become an expert on the question. Then it will be easier to compose the essay in your mind. Also, train your writing skills to improve the speed of writing and typing. You can join some writing programs, take part in writing contests, and so on.

So, is it possible to do an essay in an hour?

It depends on the essay size. However, if it is about 500-1000 words – writing an essay in an hour is feasible. You’ll need to get prepared thoroughly and consider the text. Then you can write an essay quickly.

However, if your situation is different, you can use the professional writing service. You can get an exclusive paper worth the highest grade, and it will meet all academic requirements to the style and contents. This way, you can rest, take a breath of fresh air, and focus on other activities. There is no need to struggle now – refer to the EssayPay.com, order the service, and our specialists will support you on your academic path!

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