Published: 05-09-2019

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The importance of teamwork

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping collectively is progress. Operating with each other is success.” The above proverb by Henry Ford can extremely well highlight the significance of working together in teams. The ability to work in teams is one particular of the most important soft expertise that often taught in universities to be applied in the business world as well as required in expert life.

These days, teamwork is an essential element of the society and plays an crucial role in assessing one’s potential in various kinds of profession. Teamwork is not only reflected in a team’s achievement, but also in person growth. According to Taylorist model, in present occasions there has been increasing emphasis in tertiary education that students need to develop skilled skills as a component of their education. Skills such as dilemma solving, communication, collaboration, interpersonal expertise, social abilities and time management are actively being targeted by prospective employers as an vital requirement for employability, especially in a group atmosphere. Of these, employment authorities consistently mention collaboration and teamwork as being a critical skill, vital in practically all functioning environments (Taylorist 2003).

In addition, teamwork is the concept of individuals working together cooperatively, as in sales team, sports group and so on. It has also turn into so valued that numerous huge corporations have developed certain tests to measure prospective employee’s teamwork capability. Hence, it has turn into an important objective in most workplaces, the belief is that teamwork offers staff a sense of ownership and encourages cooperation (Adeleke, 2008). Gardner and Korth (1998) asserted, “To remain revolutionary and competitive, firms are looking for employees who can perform and learn efficiently in team” (p. 1). Thus, understanding the influence of teamwork on efficiency is important because teamwork is viewed by some researchers as a single of the important driving force for enhancing a firm’s functionality (Jones et al, 2008).

Therefore, Teamwork can be quite valuable and critical to organizations as they can total essential tasks. Teams are also essential and can carry out at higher levels than typical workgroups. (See, e.g. Majchrzak & Wang, 1996 Mulvey, Veiga & Elsass, 1996.) This larger performance level is the result of a greater synergy resulting from collaboration and jointly created outputs rather than a pooling of individual outputs (Katz, 1997). The more informal environment within which team members work, and which also makes it possible for for communities of practice to develop resulting in on-going understanding and inventive applications, enhances the vitality of teams.
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