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Who Dies In The Outsiders Essay

City and Johnny rose up in the same manner. Neither of them got anyone that always truly worried about them. Each utilized defense mechanisms to overcome their intolerable family lives. City had tempered himself into not caring. He lied, cheated, stole, toasted a bit much and went into battles. He turned into the bitter individual who hated everyone and everything. He'd earned himself a reputation and a sound form because he made his own principles. No I said Dally what to do. Johnny, in contrast, cost 'scared of himself dark. ' He turned into the 'pet' to the Greasers. He relied on his allies for love, tenderness, and security. Johnny 'worshipped the land Dally walked along, ' and Dally got the soft spot for Johnny. When Dally was provoking red Valance, Johnny was the single one who would get up to him. But he also fell to dally's team when Cherry talked bad of him. Johnny compared Dally to the South men of Gone with the weather because regardless what, he never had frightened.
The person among us who dies outside the community, we can provide ten men from this union and they can recover him. The person among us who dies during this aforesaid end, we can grieve for him and make five deben per individual for his funeral and can make ten rations of sorrow and will invite his son, father, Or father-in-law to take with us orderly to relieve his spirit.
Nevertheless, likewise upon the beach represent the people of those who have died at outside the Church. Those who perished repentant but un-reconciled with this faith must look outdoors of Purgatory correct for thirty minutes further than they were outside this religion, though these prayers of those on Earth can reduce this time somewhat. Those who have gone to Purgatory by ways except the angel's vessel would have a difficult time getting the way far up the mountain from here-its lower slopes seem simply too steep. Nevertheless, people here will, with persuasion, discover the way up, the sharp and thin cleft, so small that both shoulders sweep its walls as one climbs.

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