Published: 06-10-2019

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Emily Dickinson’s poetry crucial themes

Emily Dickinson’s poetry had essential themes: religion, death, property and family, nature and really like. Emily Dickinson was a spiritual lady. Her poetry depicts religious aspect in her poems. She talks about God and Heaven in several of her poems. Some of her poems that indicates religious aspects are: “God permits industrious angels”, “Going to Heaven!”, “I went to Heaven”, and “Bless God, he went as soldiers”. Emily Dickinson wrote about death usually. She talks about death typically with immortality, which indicates her religious image. Emily Dickinson feared death and this can be presented in her poetry. Dickinson’s poems that consist of death are “Death is like the insect”, “The distance that the dead have gone”, Wait till the majesty of Death”, “She died, – this was the way she died”, “If I must die”, and “So proud she was to die” (The Poetry of Emily Dickinson).

Dickinson’s household circle presents a huge effect in her writing. She also was confined to her house most of her life, so her poetry shows the loneliness she knowledgeable. Some of her poetry that shows the theme of her property life and loneliness is “I felt a funeral in my brain”, “It was not death, for I stood up”, and “there’s a certain slant of life” (The Poetry of Emily Dickinson). Nature is a massive subject of Emily Dickinson’s writing. In Dickinson’s writings nature is taken as a joy but it can also be recognized as dangerous. Dickinson found happiness in nature. It is reflected in some of her poetry. On the other hand, if nature is connected with death, nature may be a dreadful issue also (Emily Dickinson: An Overview). A number of her poetry that has the theme of nature is “Nature, the gentlest mom”, “A bird came down the walk”, “A narrow fellow in the grass”, “I’ll inform you how the sun rose”, and “How satisfied is the small stone”. (The Poetry of Emily Dickinson) Adore is a subject in Dickinson’s poetry. Emily Dickinson was in no way married, but the reader can inform by analyzing a quantity of her really like poems, that she was in really like at least one particular point in her existence. Some of her adore poems consist: “That I did usually love”, “I gave myself to him”, “Love is anterior to life”, “Poor tiny heart”, and “I can't reside with you” (The Poetry of Emily Dickinson).
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