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Apple Market Structure Essay

Apple Inc. Owns 2 primary products, which represent software and hardware. So in this hardware industry, apple’s industry system is oligopoly while in the software industry, Apple is monopolistic. Oligopoly means that there are a couple of companies dominating the industry and the industry is saturated with the huge user base. (, 2013) . Apple’s hardware line-up is competing at the oligopoly industry system becauseApple isn’ ’t the single organization in this industry that manufactures electronic commodities for consumers as there exist different big companies manufacturing and selling similar products with Apple like Sony, Dell, Samsung and Asus, only to list a couple of. But despite this rivalry in this industry, Apple is still dominating at the sales charts. Apple Inc. Is practicing the non-price contest strategy with its rivals to prevent price wars.
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 2 Market structure Classification Market system is the structure and different characteristics of the marketplace. We concentrate on those characteristics which impact the world of competition and evaluation, but it is crucial not to put a bit much emphasis only on the market share of these existing firms in an industry () . There exist four fundamental types of industry structures: Perfect competition, weak competition, oligopoly, and market. Perfect competition depicts the market system, where a large amount of smaller firms compete against each other with homogeneous products.
In my points of view, Apple Inc. Will be considered place at change industry structures , e.g., oligopoly and monopolistic competition. Apple Inc. Maintains oligopoly industry system at the competition of smart telephone brands announcements, but Apple Inc. Is called monopolistic competitor at these branded computers. Monopolistic competition in which some vendors are creating extremely differentiated products. Monopolistic rivalry is also recognized as monopsonistic rivalry. Monopsonistic rivalry describes that demand-side appears to be symmetrical and peer to the monopolistic competitor on the supply line.

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