Published: 19-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Literary Analysis of the Main Features of Emperor of Ice Cream

When we look at Wallace Stevens poetry , it is extremely easy to recognize Stevens becoming a Modernist. Stevens’ operates match with Modernist believed significantly a lot more than Frost’s. He is entirely Modernist. When we take a look on his poem ” Emperor of Ice Cream” we see that he tells us how a contemporary funeral is getting completed. He wants to say that , death is a regular thing that we all going to knowledge one particular day In addition he talks about the bitter moment of picking life over death, at a time when life appears particularly lonely, self-serving, lustful for that ladies in his poem .

He says that we ought to be aware of the genuine concept of death , which signifies that a single day we would go to far better spot leaving our wealth , beauty , overall health , work , family members and every single issue we spent our life on ,the writer encourages everybody

to go on with life – take pleasure in your ice cream since only the pleasures of life are truly essential , he also says that the only particular person who has real power is the one who controls pleasure and happiness. To me, the Emperor of Ice Cream is Ice Cream itself , also I believe Stevens is telling us that no matter what we accomplish in life, and no matter how respected we turn into, in the end we all turn into the dead lady, “cold” and”dumb,” when death comes for us. Stevens was also referred to as Supreme Fiction because he was pondering that poetry as a way of understanding reality.

Wallace Stevens sees poetry as a way of understanding reality. So he makes use of Modernism as a response of social troubles like , being poor , alienated , loneleness and culture .As a outcome he wrote and criticize about this theme.
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