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Published: 10-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Critique of In Freemont High School, an Article by Jonathn Kozol

In Freemont High College, written by Jonathan Kozol, undesirable circumstances of the schools are discussed. Even though, the college is situated in stunning Los Angeles, the college is much less than favorable. Many students, in the course of any given day, are unable to consume, use the restroom, or get a worthy education. Such schooling circumstances are not only exclusive to his high college, nevertheless, a lot of undergo the exact same situations. Troubles of social, financial, and public allocate such troubles in schooling units. A lot of teachers discussed in this post, do not deserve the titles provided to them. Rather of assisting prepare students for their future, and college, they advise them to take unsecure courses (Kozol, date).

At times, I can directly relate with. The intended audiences of this selection would definitely be both parents, and students. Even so, this read could certainly extend to everyone, simply because concern from these issues is in the hearts of many. Simply because, whether we like to acknowledge it or not, our schools are failing us. On a single spectrum of the argument, students have benefit in favorable circumstances, and on the other side, not so a lot. Conditions, such as these described in this post hinder the educational approach and future of these young students, all students need to have equality in their schooling institutions.

One of the initial points created by Kozol in this article claimed: “the typical ninth grader reads at a fourth-grade level” (Kozol, p. 716, date). Typically, when students do not succeed, they are held back. Even so, in this college situated in Los Angeles, students are just pushed through till graduation. How can any person be expected to succeed in life, when they are nearly five years behind in expectancy? Kozol then goes on to explain how almost one particular third of these ninth graders study at a level even lower, a third-grade level. It brings upon queries to audiences as to how this situation got to this point. Even though also showcasing the degree of neglect that is surrounding such a college program as this (Kozol,date).

Generally, Kozol stated, high college students are reluctant to reveal their inner thoughts and emotions. Nonetheless, he stated this basically was not the case regarding the students at Freemont higher. Students had been told prior hand, that Kozol was certainly a writer, which prompted them the best opportunity to reveal the harsh situations of their school. Several asked for modifications. 1 of which, was to be granted a lot more bathrooms. It was stated, that Freemont Higher School has almost 15 fewer bathrooms that needed by law. But oh, does it get worse. Of all these functioning bathrooms, about one particular or two, are unlocked for girls to use. Consideration arises to audiences when realizing that this details was obtained from court records. This indicates, that even although laws have been overridden, this college remains to be unchanged. Many students do not have convenient access to bathrooms simply because of this (Kozal,date). Such conditions are inhumane, and it appears that nothing at all is becoming carried out to repair such troubles.

Next, the author goes on to talk about the intense heat that a lot of students face during hotter seasons. Given that there are no AC units, students have no selection but to sweat from the overheated classrooms. Several of these students, claims Kozol “because red-faced and unable to concentrate” (Kozol, p. 719, date). Even though, one could claim these suggestions to be somewhat exaggerated, they should have never skilled such. I personally have, and I can certainly stand with them on this claim. Overheat can lead to many concerns, not only red faces and loss of concentration, but also dehydration. I comprehend that college funding has considerably dropped, but fundraiser could be concluded in order to make adjustments in the college 1 of them getting to consist of AC units in all classrooms at Fremont High College. Air conditioning is taken for granted, till temperatures rise, and nothing can be done to escape such heat (Kozol,date).

Yet another instance of how this school is inevitably holding little ones back from their potentials was examined with the instance of taking ‘life skills’ class. Not, at very first, this could appear to be a beneficial class that should be required for all students. Nevertheless, after finding out what the class was actually about, 1 may possibly change their opinion on this. This class, does not truly teach life expertise such as balancing a verify book, learning measurements, or how to cook. This class basically taught student’s things they need to have already learned a number of years back. This tremendously limits students, because they are not understanding anything new, or even how to do simple factors upon graduation. School must not only teach the basics, but rather life abilities that can benefit students later in life as effectively. Not to mention, that due to overcrowding, several classes that interest students, or even teachers are unable to be taken. Therefore, small freedom or choice is given to students relating to which classes they can take. Students are left stuck in classes they do not want or will ever use to help their future plans (Kozol,date).

Many teachers also want to provide enrichment class, nevertheless, due to the amount of space, this also is not possible. Kozol claimed: “So rather of the enrichment that students might have gained from taking an elective course that had some academic substance, they have been obliged to sit via classes in which they have been not enrolled and from which they mentioned that they learned virtually nothing” (Kozol, p.723 date). This quote indicated that my thesis is right, students are not encouraged or even allowed to prosper. Educational institutions should enable students to go as far as they can, not hold them back. These intelligent students are severely hindered when they can not make use of their intelligence to the highest degree. Kozol, in this above quote, also employed the rhetorical approach of emotion. Audiences feel saddened that this is the reality of education in contemporary occasions. A college that doesn’t encourage students to use their skills that God gifted them with, rather spot them in the exact same courses as everybody else. This strategy makes audiences understand the severity of the predicament at hand. Exactly where students are left behind, when they ought to be pushed forward.

There are a number of possibilities as to why the author decided to create this article, the primary, certainly getting to boost the likelihood of improvements becoming implemented in educational institutions such as Fremont Higher School. Even though, this school was the principal concentrate in this essay, there are a number of other schools situated in America that go by means of the same precise issues. Spending budget cuts are the principal reasoning for this, and it seems, that with each passing year, budgets are becoming smaller sized and smaller sized. Schools are left with quite small funds and anticipated to do so significantly. Teachers are being paid really little, and many are losing jobs. The government is essentially showing that education is unimportant to them, due to the fact of this lack of funding. Kozol desperately wanted to location a glass window of these conditions for audiences to comprehend the severity of the problem at hand. Several people know that there are troubles in schools, nevertheless, they are not completely aware of the predicament. Kozol knew that by creating this post, he would gain the interest of many audiences, and hopefully provoke consideration and advocacy on such topics. Through the use of each academic and casual language, Kozol was productive in grasping focus and interest of audience members. He makes use of court cases for proof in his claims, such as the amounts of bathrooms contained inside the high college being decrease than the law needs. This point is also regarded to be the approach of logos. Logic is inserted to help show audiences his credibility. Court situations do not lie as a result, these facts act as a persuasion approach.

Kozol was extremely effective in these attempts to awaken audience members to the truth. Prior to reading this article, I was unaware that America was facing such problems in their schooling systems. Also, when the place of this college is reveal initially, audiences had been much more shocked. California is thought to be such a stunning and modernized region therefore, 1 would expect the schools to reflect these tips. Nevertheless, this is undoubtedly not the case. I feel audiences would count on schools in Pennsylvania to be in this condition far more so than California. I feel the author utilizes this case for this precise explanation. To show audiences that if this is happening in stunning California, then it is most most likely taking place in other locations as effectively. I was really convinced by this article that priorities require to be reconsidered in America. Education must be on the prime of the priority list.

As we can see, there are a lot of causes as to why Fremont college is hurting the future of its students. Whether it is the lack of crucial tools, space, teachers, bathrooms, or classes. Education is crucial since it teaches the future leaders of the nation. Educational systems in America have been lengthy overdue for changes to be implemented (Kozol, date). A lot of unnecessary spending budget cuts have been concluded for schools, whilst funding has been provided to places that are not required such as funding this Trump wall, or other stupid costs of related nature. Despite the fact that, tiny decision is provided to citizens as to exactly where tax funds goes, it is time that the people stand up for such issues. Public schools are getting jeopardized left and proper, as we can see from this quick report. If anything is not done, America young children will be unprepared and uneducated. Every person deserves equal chance to discover and prosper. Schools are the quantity a single spot to do so, and they want to make dire improvements to conditions and curriculums. Students are the future, and the future wants to be tended to in the appropriate manner. If not, several consequences will conclude.
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