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Published: 14-09-2019

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A Critique of Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, a Movie by Tyler Perry

Temptation is defined as a sturdy urge or wish to have or do some thing. Most men and women knowledge temptations in their lives whether or not huge or modest. Temptation is just a flaw that we as humans are going to expertise due to the fact we are not best and crave what we do not have. Nonetheless, how that individual handles that specific crave shows a lot about their character. Although we all knowledge temptations, it is up to us to make mindful decisions about what is in our best interest. A couple years ago, a pal advised to me that I watch the film Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. The movie was written and directed by Tyler Perry and released in 2013. It is about a lady named Judith who is married to a man named Brice but starts to encounter desires. She has a pleased marriage and decent life but she suddenly craves a lot more. At first, I kept delaying really watching the movie but I’m very thrilled that I did. Not only is the film very good and filled with suspense, it is very impactful. The film Temptation is crucial since it shows what could occur if we let our temptations take more than us and has an impactful meaning.

If we let our temptations get the very best of us it could lead to significant downfalls. This is noticed significantly in this film. In the starting, we are introduced to a married couple Judith and Brice. An ideal couple that has been with each other since they have been teenagers and look to be madly in adore. They live a middle-class life as Judith operates as a therapist and Brice as a pharmacist. Even though Judith’s life appears best we start off to get a peak that she wishes she had more when she complains that she desires her personal company and a lot more to her life. A single day, Judith meets a man named Harley at operate. He’s very rich, handsome and profitable and all round seems to have it all. Judith nevertheless is not fazed by him at 1st, she has a loving husband and knows she shouldn’t be hunting his way. Day after day, Harley taunts Judith and tells her that her marriage is boring and that he could give her something she ever wanted. All of a sudden she realizes that even though she loves her husband, she is bored and desires far more. She begins possessing an affair with Harley and he begins to spoil her with expensive trips, jewelry, clothes and anything she wants. Judith thinks she is satisfied but it is truly her desires taking over her and she soon faces the consequences. Harley quickly demands that she leave her husband to be with him but she does not want to. Her husband finds out about the affair and they argue till she leaves him to be with Harley. Harley grows angry at her over a disagreement and starts to beat her. He turns really abusive towards her specially when she tells him that she is leaving him. As he is beating her in a scene, Brice happens to come by and demands that he cease hurting her, he saves her life. Later that day, Judith finds out that she has HIV that was contracted from her affair with Harley. Although he seemed excellent he was far from it, he abused her, gave her HIV and ended her marriage. She faced numerous downfalls simply because she could not manage her temptations and stay satisfied with what she had. If we consistently let our temptations influence us it will only lead to destruction. Tyler Perry took a easy marriage and twisted it into a storyline that could happen to anyone who is not mindful of their actions. The movie showed me that our selfish impulses can result in disaster. Even though the outcome might not be as intense as in the movie, it offers viewers a sense that our temptations can trigger pain.

The movie has a lot of meaningful messages to be interpreted by the viewers. It shed light on the dangers that can come out of relationships like infidelity and domestic abuse. It also showed the impact of HIV and unknowingly contracting it. Judith had an typical life with a decent husband but she craved more and in the finish her infidelity led to her downfall. Our rebellious alternatives could price a heavy price tag and this is what we witnessed all through the film. She also knowledgeable domestic violence from her lover which is by no means okay. Abusive relationships ought to be instantly left and she does leave speedily. The more dramatic impact of the movie would be her contracting HIV with out expertise that she was sleeping with a carrier of it. Even although she made her mistakes, this is very illegal and must not happen as typically as it does. I like how Tyler Perry highlights this in the movie since items like this do come about and we need to be careful about who we have relations with. In an interview about the film Tyler Perry describes, “Why this film was so essential is the message of generating the wrong selections and how one choice can adjust your whole life” (Perry). Perry does a excellent job at which includes messages in his films. His films commonly shed light on particular occurrences we see in society. He highlights domestic violence and notes that though it is typical, there requirements to be measures taken to quit and avert it. This movie in distinct has a lot of messages concerning adverse outcomes of specific impulses.

Even though the film has many messages some may criticize the melodramatic feel that the film possesses. They may agree that the movie has a excellent storyline but is overdramatic. Common Sense Media describes the movie as “A soapy melodrama that has mixed messages about enjoy and marriage” (Angulo). Another reviewer from Entertainment Weekly makes a comment, “A few wild, third-act twists give Perry's middling melodrama some soap-opera kick. But all the finger-wagging confident does get tiring following a while” (Nashawaty). Each reviewers label the film as a melodrama and criticize it for getting complicated or confusing. Although some individuals may think the movie is too dramatic, it nonetheless delivers a very good storyline that is essential for viewers to comprehend. The movie is supposed to effect individuals to want to make far better selections in their lives. The approaches that the message is portrayed doesn’t matter as extended as the message is received and understood.
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