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Published: 07-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Letter to Future Me

Hey amigo!

Let me assume that this letter is read on some type of grapheme screen wrapped about your wrist or glued to your face. Future should be amazing with High-tech machines!Most possibly my words of knowledge are going to be of no use to you since1)I am only 21 and you should consider aim fairly stupid to tips the older you who has experienced far more in life than me and two) you are a stubborn particular person with no clue on when to stop and a helplessly adamant fighter. Also if you are reading this by way of a waterfall of tears clouding up your eyes considering about the old you, then you are not going to think a single word I am about to say but here it goes.

Your life had always been and will be one giant rollercoaster. It’s fascinating, it is frustrating and it’s also depressing. Nevertheless, it’s temporary. I hope you have a couple of a lot more issues figured out by now whilst you also still have some doubts.It would be quite excellent if you managed to survive without having dying due to assassinations planned by men and women who were pissed at you for ruining their perfect composure with your ‘SO not appreciated Sarcasm’. I have no thought exactly where you ended up but yeah kudos to you if you managed to survive the wrecked hurricane I live in and call my life.

If I was to take a wild guess at your life and the person who you have become? My answer would possibly be a crazy ass individual with a awesome social life and with an irritating kind of character, lack of any type of cookery skills and an addiction to ice cream, novels, pets and clearly mangos.

I am and I often will be proud of what ever you have managed to achieve and I am holding on to the thought of you nevertheless becoming the insanely sane person. Ha! Who am I even kidding? You have surely not grown up and that is the greatest issue! Do you nonetheless shout the lyrics of a song when driving with your dad like me? Do you nevertheless dance around not caring about what spot you are in like me? Do you nonetheless not get least bit worried about what other people consider about you when u speak to others in such a loud voice like me? If yes, then WHOOHOOOOO

On a lighter note, I am dead certain you will nevertheless be a beaten up soul and hence right here are some guidelines to survive.
  1. Cease crying over people who became ghosts (they all had been bitches and assholes in the initial place).
  2. Stop aiming to be a perfectionist (do not overwork yourself to meet your own expectations, it is great to be a messed up failure at times).
  3. You should most likely stop crying with happiness every single time you see a cute dog or cat (I know it is not gonna take place! but hey, practically nothing is wrong in advising).

I am fairly considerably positive that you have got a lot of factors(sad things…happy things…weird things…every shit!) going on while you are reading this, but trust me when I say that every little thing is going to be amazing.Most importantly, Devote time with folks you adore. Try understanding your tiny brother a bit more if you nevertheless haven’t made any progress with that! you need to never ever overlook that he is a cactus, thorny outside but soft inside! He loves you even although he pisses you off on a whole different level!

The following are a have to do! if you didn’t do these, I will hunt you down and kick your ass fairly tough.
  1. Make some plans.
  2. Get outdoors, even when the couch is calling.
  3. Prank your buddies (the meaner the much better).
  4. Go for a sail.
  5. Climb a mountain.
  6. Create a fire.
  7. Remain up late.
  8. Camp in the woods.
  9. Eat excellent meals cooked from scratch.
  10. See live music.
  11. Travel abroad with someone you care about.
  12. Immerse your self in a excellent book.

I hope you have currently toured the world with your very best pals and family members. You must have scuba and sky dived.Also I hope you got the new tattoo that you often wanted. Being aware of myself the way I kinda do? You are a screwed up ass but that is cool!

In no way lose track of what is essential, what is worth producing time for. Your nightmares are nevertheless gonna be there like your shadow and your heart is nevertheless gonna get broken but you have to be a master at letting go and might the bridges you burn light the way for you.

The main thing is life will remain shitty and hard as always, do not let the globe dull your sparkle!Be the rebel you usually have been. And by no means forget to be grateful. You must be oh, so very grateful to god for every thing he gave you so far. Maintain going.-with enjoy and sarcasm Present me!
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