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Published: 09-12-2019

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A Narrative of My Love for Animals and How They Have Strengthened My Compassion for All Living Things

I am an animal-lover. This does not necessarily mean that I stare at furry, fluffy creatures and respond with the typically long “Awwwww,” despite the fact that I admit that I’ve been guilty of this on numerous occasions. My adoration for animals surpasses the superficial admiration of their cute look and the usual appreciation of their friendly nature. To me, the scrawny, abandoned animals who interact poorly with humans right after the issues they encountered deserve just as a lot interest as the purebred pedigrees. From a young age, my family members instilled in me the belief that domestic animals aren’t pets from an inferior species, but rather they are the most loving, loyal close friends who devote unconditional affection towards their owners. This viewpoint on animals inspired me. From volunteering at animal shelters to fundraising for abandoned animals, I’ve committed a majority of my time in order to make sure that animals live under desirable situations and every single minute has been worthwhile.

For as extended as I can remember, my parents raised me with dogs, cats, birds, and fish in the property, and I felt the most comfort with these pets in my surroundings. As an only youngster, I grew up talking to these animals considering that I in no way had a sibling to play with at home. I produced characters for each and every of the pets and I integrated them in my imaginary adventures, tying capes onto the dogs who had been transformed into superheroes and distributing tiaras to the cats who became princesses. Even right after I started attending pre-college, I’d eagerly await my return from school so that I could relay all the fascinating information to my pets who would listen and pretend to be slightly interested in my random rambling. In fact, I almost certainly communicated with my pets more than I did with my buddies, given that these animals supplied a sense of confidentiality which no individual could give. It never ever felt strange for me to confide in members of diverse species and I constantly felt happy soon after I conversed with them.

Imagine the shock I faced when I realized that certain cruel individuals abused their pets. Over the spring break of third grade when I visited Aunt Judy and my cousins in Philadelphia, I met her one-eyed cat, Gordon. An repulsive, scrawny creature, I initially avoided directing my attention towards the cat.Aunt Judy should have sensed my bizarre behavior, so she took me aside and explained that the Gordon’s owner had abandoned him. The cat was severely malnourished and injured when Aunt Judy discovered him. Right after she acquired medical therapy for the cat, my aunt decided to adopt him because as Aunt Judy mentioned, “The unattractive, undesirable animals are the ones most in want of a person to love them wholeheartedly.” Heeding my aunt’s suggestions, I tentatively spent extra time to get acquainted with Gordon and as days elapsed, he grew much less wary of me and I became much more willing to love him. Towards the end of my remain at Aunt Judy’s home, I was watching a Charlie Brown Easter movie with my cousins when the cat hobbled more than and draped himself about my shoulders like a scarf. This ultimate sign of Gordon’s trust endeared him to me. It was at this moment that I began to query how humans could be so cruel to a pet that was willing to give them so a lot affection.

As I grew older, I endeavored to alter the lives of these innocent animals in a important way. Throughout the summer just before freshman year, I began to volunteer at the SPCA exactly where I fed, played, and built trust with the animals who had been abandoned or brought in by owners who couldn’t afford to care for them any longer. These animals had been so dejected and seeing them temporarily brighten up when I bring them meals and focus my consideration on them was the best feeling in the planet. It broke my heart to see their pitiful stares and I felt really tempted to bring these animals residence with me. Over the final few years, I’ve washed vehicles, collected pet care products, and collected monetary contributions to fundraise for the SPCA in order to supply a more habitable environment for these unfortunate pets who deserve infinite affection. The most traumatic part of becoming emotionally attached to stray animals is when these animals have to be put down due lack of boarding space. No creature deserves such a lonely finish to their life.

All round, animals have strengthened my sense of compassion for all living items, each human and non-human. The stray pets from the SPCA give me with an everlasting source of joy, and even on my worst days, they remind me to be grateful that my life is nowhere nearly as horrendous and lonely as theirs. Some of these scrawny, unattractive animals have unconditional enjoy to devote to their companions which has taught me to keep away from judging other people based on their physical appearance. In addition, the quantity of adore that I’ve dedicated to pets have been reciprocated tenfold, accompanied by the exclusive friendship and loyalty that is only obtainable from animals. Spending time with animals has transformed me into a far better person and taught me useful lessons that I will in no way neglect. I am inherently an animal-lover, and nothing will ever alter that.
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