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Published: 29-10-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Reflection of the Life Changing Experience in My Life

Life passes down excellent experiences to all of us. Sometimes these experiences go considerably a lot more than just a memory, they go into teachings. By living by way of these experiences, we gain a excellent amount of wisdom. Thankfully I was blessed with the encounter to see my preferred artist “Justice” with my brother and his close friends. This is what opened my eyes and my thoughts to the realities of life.

The day ultimately came. My brother picks me up at 2PM, we then drove all the way up to Highlands Ranch to pick up my brother’s friends and then back to his property in Denver. As we make it into the parking lot of Red Rocks Amphitheater, I get the feeling in my gut that this is going to be the greatest night of my life. We enter the stadium, to witness clouds of smoke hovering over the sunset. “Is this all a large dream? Or is this just the greatest issue I’ve ever observed in life? “The opening headliner walks out onto the stage he shouts to the crowd, “Are you ready to rage?” This phrase sends shivers down to my knees. The bass from his set vibrated off the angelically glowing Red Rocks, as my physique melts into the dance pit. Every single wave of bass knocks me back it feels like a continual uphill battle with the music. Soon enough, the quickest hour and thirty minutes of my life eviscerates into the night sky.

The monolithic cross is then carried out of the shadows, and displayed as a luminescent sign from heaven. Justice blasts open from the backstage, as they open with one particular of their signature songs. The dance party is now at complete swing the atmosphere is clouded with laughter and smiles. In no way a moment in my life, have I ever thought anything could be so surreal. Even after we trip onto every other, we just go with it and embrace each other’s presence. The concert finally ends, but there’s a single factor we all feel like we are missing. In the midst of dancing our souls clean, it appears that we lost our dear buddy Soup.

We call his phone several occasions, but no answer. The group of pals that rode with him commence worrying about how they are going to get residence, but then my brother show’s his kindness, by paying off their cab back to Denver. The rest of us determine to search and rescue Soup. It is half previous midnight and we’ve been driving about back roads for an hour, and no luck. Then we see a person at the top of Red Rocks limping down the sides of the roads, we all are jumping up and down with excitement. We found Soup. None of us spoke a word to him about how he got lost we were just glad to see our friend alive, and only with a broken ankle. Till this day we still do not know how Soup got so lost, but we do have the memory of one particular of the greatest nights of our lives.

It’s funny how one night can shape your personality for the rest of your life. It’s also a reminder for us to share the kindness, that other people have shared with us. Together we all are humans, no matter the colour of our skins, our opinions, or even our hairstyles. We all have a heart and a brain, and these are the only two items that matter in life. Just don’t let other individuals taint your hearts with negativity, therefore, forever and usually be positive.
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