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Published: 22-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Scene Analysis in Bonnie and Clyde Film

The scene in Arthur Penn’s film Bonnie and Clyde where Bonnie and Clyde share their first kiss is a best representation of a comprehensive scene with cinematic which means to the theme of the film itself. The scene starts with a medium shot of Bonnie arranging her necklace in the mirror. She sings a song from a movie that she and Clyde had just viewed. She recites the lines, “We’re in the money, we’re in the money”. Bonnie’s singing causes Clyde to look at her, and her words prompt Clyde to ask her if she would rather have a wealthy man to look after her, than a thief who cannot give her the care she needs. Bonnie insists that she doesn’t want rich man, and Clyde’s life-style is fine for her. Clyde kisses her, but before they go additional, Clyde backs away and tells Bonnie that he is not a “lover boy”.

For this sequence of shots to be considered a scene, there wants to be a clear starting and end. Both the starting and the finish of the scene are clearly marked by fade-ins and fade-outs- classic strategies of jumping from scene to scene. This scene also is its personal mark in time the scene prior to and the scene after are at distinct instances than this scene. The break in time makes this specific sequence stand out as its personal individual scene.

The cinematography and the mise en scène of this scene boost the deeper which means of Bonnie and Clyde- Clyde’s struggle with his sexuality. The lighting in this scene is continuous even before Clyde pulls down the shade over the window, the lighting is dark and dull. The lighting creates a somber mood for the scene, letting the audience know that probably the scene itself will not be a satisfied one. If the lighting had been far more colorful and vibrant, the scene could have gone a various way, even so even for the duration of Bonnie and Clyde’s initial kiss, the lighting manages to remain as unromantic as attainable. The faded colors and the dismal mood of the scene add to the deeper which means of the film. The camera angles, distances, and movements in this scene also impact the underlying theme of Bonnie and Clyde.

The shot kinds throughout Bonnie and Clyde’s 1st conversation are really crucial. For the duration of this conversation, Bonnie and Clyde speak about their initial murder. The majority of shot sorts utilized are close ups and intense close ups, and these shots are essential since they show the emotion in the faces of Bonnie and Clyde. The close ups choose up subtle movements in the face, such as the downward movement of the lips into a frown, and the tearing up of Bonnie’s eyes. Such indistinct actions would not be portrayed if a close up had not been utilized.

The mise en scène of the scene is the most critical aspect that attributes the deeper which means of the film. Initial, the props placed in this scene are very critical. The window shade that Clyde pulls down towards the middle of the scene is brown and faded, with a ripped out hole on the side. On the surface, this represents how Bonnie and Clyde’s existing property isn’t very luxurious, and is lacking the correct care. The deeper meaning is that their present connection is somber and dull, and is also in need of more care. The need for a lot more care is drastically attributed to Clyde’s nervousness when it comes to getting intimate with Bonnie. The most critical prop in this scene is the gun.

At the starting of the scene, Clyde holds the gun and cleans it. Prior to talking to Bonnie, Clyde looks down at his gun, as if it would give him courage. It only requires a couple of moments soon after Clyde puts the gun down, for him to become less courageous and more nervous. Following Clyde removes himself from the bed, the camera cuts to a close up of Bonnie’s head on the pillow. Beside her- almost overlooked- lies Clyde’s gun, correct by her head. She hugs the pillow, nearly hugging the gun as properly. On the surface this just appears like Clyde place down his gun on the bed and it occurred to end up by Bonnie. But the specific placement of this prop represents a lot more than coincidence. Because the gun is no longer in Clyde’s hands, he no longer has the boldness to be intimate with Bonnie. Also, Bonnie seemingly hugging the gun represents how she wants for Clyde to confront his feelings. Clyde has run away from her, but she now clutches the extremely factor that he requirements to feel whole- his gun, and his heart.
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