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Published: 08-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Study Of Music Piracy, Its Pros, And Cons

Some folks say music piracy is bleeding the music industry to its death, other folks say it is a low cost way to get the word out on new artists. Either way you appear at it piracy is a huge deal

Here you can see how in the united states alone, in just the first half of the year 2012 nearly 97 million tracks have been illegally downloaded, and these are just the ones we can track. I can only emagine that quantity has gone up.

I’m going to inform you guys about the positives of music piracy, the negatives in pirating music, and finally what exactly folks are pirating, what genre of music is obtaining the most attention.


Positives in music piracy

Sudip Bhattacharjee, following interviewing about 500 college students gets this information “Research indicates escalating music rates increases piracy. Also, the far more worth a consumer areas on an item, the far more probably he is to purchase rather than pirate.” (Bhattacharjee). This indicates that since record companies are charging so much for their songs its major folks to pirate them, it also shows the far more you like the song the more most likely you are to obtain it. Generally if the record businesses didn’t charge so considerably or they helped to produce much better music their wouldn’t be as a lot piracy.

According to Scott Griegs, a music scout, the man who “signs” folks, new bands get large from the internet, its more well-known than the radio and Television. A website he advocates for, has helped a lot of bands get “big”, such as Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance, Brand New and Fall Out Boy.

Going back to Sudip, the professor from Alabama A and M, he talks about how the web provides successful marketing. It also benefits recording companies by assisting new artists to become known at tiny expense to the themselves. If it wasn’t for music piracy you could in no way have heard of Fall Out Boy at all.

Not to mention the most clear of all positive aspects. It’s free of charge and saves customers a lot of cash. For myself it has saved me more than 1,000$.

It is undeniably tough to genuinely get a really feel for a song or an album when you are only in a position to listen to the 30 to 90 seconds per track available for sampling on most legal websites like Amazon and iTunes

Negatives in Music Piracy

Sudip Bhattacharjee got this info from a number of record firms, “Online music sharing has been estimated to outcome in annual sales losses of $three.1 billion dollars a year for the music industry” which means that the artists we know and really like, and the record firms which produce their music are losing a lot of income due to the fact of the piracy epidemic. An estimated 70,000 jobs have been lost, from piracy.

One more negative in pirating music, is acquiring caught! You could feel it’s low-cost to download factors off the world wide web, but it could have a steep value tag attached. Mickey Borchardt was a University of Maryland senior tells her story. She got an e-mail that detected copyrighted material was becoming downloaded by means of her IP address. The RIAA, or Recording Industry Association of America had already been tracked her IP address. Later, she also received a letter from the RIAA threatening to sue her. She paid a three,000$ settlement.

One more one of my sources, the U.S. Government, says it’s illegal.

According to Rajev Sinha, Professor at Penn State, The typical length of time among a film’s USA release and its first appearance on the internet is 12 days.

What’s new, the issues men and women are pirating.

Joanna Davis, a reporter with works published by the University of Miami among other a variety of magazines, describes punk music like this, she says: “Punk and rock music, is traditionally conceived of as a youth subcultural phenomenon. As one particular of a lot of approaches to rebel, little ones may well pick or locate in punk rock an anti-authoritarian, destructive, or anarchistic ideology that aids them manage the tumult of adolescence.” In English, that indicates it is a way to revolt against society, prove your independence and be your own individual.

Alternative Rock/Screamo music are absolutely the newest trend.

Andrew Carew, exciting name, a writer for the Rolling Stone, going by consumer ratings enlightens us with the top new thirty bands of 2012. Of the thirty 22 of them are of the genre.

Shows how rock music is on leading and it was also on leading in 2011.


Piracy is absolutely a massive deal in the United States, it is putting men and women out of jobs and giving men and women lots of great music to get pleasure from.

I told you guys about why individuals pirate music, since iTunes charges 1.29$ a song! But do not neglect it is unsafe, I told you guys about how Mickey is out 3 grand, and lastly I let you guys know about the next big point, what genre of music to look out for you every person can keep hip.

Piracy is an epidemic and need to be treated as such, perhaps subsequent time think just before going to, a file sharing web site, would you steal a CD from someone’s property?
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