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Amazon River Pollution Essay

The Amazon stream is placed in latin america. Starting at these up Andes Mountains at Peru, it flows to the Ocean sea through Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Guiana, Suriname and Brazil. The stream organizations in these eight nations are named the Upper Amazon. This Amazon stream flows largely in Peru and Brazil. (Amazon stream 2007) According to research, this Amazon stream is 6,280 km long. It is the 2nd longest stream in this globe (Andrew , M. 2000) . Nevertheless, there are some scientists that take this Amazon stream is further than the Nile River. This Amazon stream is 6,800 km long while this River is 6,695 kilometer long ( Duffy, G. 2007) . Thus the topic is even debated.
Growth, not size, defines the contamination of rivers. The Amazon stream, with the largest drain basin in this globe, is often cleaner than the Hudson River, for example. Tributaries to this Amazon stream through untapped areas of these Andes Mountains and rainfall forests at Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. This River River flows through one of the largest urban regions on land, NYC.
People have the most pollution at the Amazon stream. They responsible for most of the pollution via business substances. The increase of business in the Amazon stream has caused death of the plants, animals, and surroundings. It also stimulates food contamination by leaking dangerous materials into the rivers, tributaries and aquatic. There are some contamination which was caused by people , e.g., yellow mining and metal commerce. Gold-mining has induced temperature and also determines the health of local man and animal.

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