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Published: 19-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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A Study Of Increased Homelessness Within The Veteran Population

The issue of homelessness has more than time formed a basis of national discussions. In truth, it has been regarded as very controversial since the periods that the Napoleonic War took spot (Literature evaluation: UK veterans and homelessness. 2017). Currently, the media has been awash with reports of veterans that find themselves in dire situations of getting not a roof above them. It is in distinct to the wars that have taken place in Iraq and Afghanistan and have consequently brought about a comparatively renewed interest concerning the veterans’ needs(Perl, 2015). Due to the rising numbers of the veteran population emanating from these wars, there is also an important concern that the homelessness amongst this population could additional increase. Apart from the current conflicts, other homeless veterans served in the Second Globe War, cold war, Panama and the military efforts against drug cultivation in South America. It is on this basis, consequently, that the following write-up will talk about homelessness in the veteran populations. It will mention the factors that qualify it as a social issue, its elements and solutions and lastly the part of an MSW (master of social operate) in addressing the issue.

Homelessness amongst veterans is a considerable social difficulty because the existing United States society has witnessed their surging numbers in the recent previous. In fact, by 2012, the population of the homeless veterans was believed to account for about eleven percent of the entire homeless populations in America. The social dilemma has been scaled to greater heights by the rising numbers of the veterans returning property especially from the Afghanistan and the Iraq war as currently pointed out above. For instance, in 2010, research has shown that there were virtually seventy-six thousand homeless veterans with most of them sleeping in transitional houses, streets, abandoned buildings and also emergency makeshifts. It is evident that the situations of the homeless veterans make them turn out to be a considerable social dilemma that needs address by the government.

Numerous elements comprise homelessness among the veterans. Wenzel et al., (1993) mention that a primary one particular is the reality that they do not possess any permanent type of housing in their manage. It is as a result that they live in the places described above. Homeless veterans can be categorized into two categories namely street homeless and the chronically homeless. The initial element i.e. the street homeless is the veterans who, in most instances, devote most of their times in the streets. The chronically homeless veterans, on the other hand, are those that were disabled for the duration of the conflicts and have regularly been homeless for periods stretching for much more than a year. In addition to,McGuire (2007) notes that a higher percentage of these veterans are males who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. Yet another vital element of this social dilemma is that fifty-six % of this population comprises African Americans or the Hispanic communities. It is in spite of the fact that these are the minority communities of the United States.

Ending homelessness amongst the veterans need to be a priority for the United States government. The latter can attain this by way of the essential input of the Division of Veteran Affairs that has been tasked with their management. Some of the manners that can be used in addressing this difficulty encompass allocating federal investments primarily based on the needs of the homeless veterans. The allocation through this criteria ought to also incorporate sources which have the prospective of assisting the veterans to turn out to be stably housed. Strategic preparing, as effectively as, neighborhood leadership is also vital in ending this social issue. Efficient collaboration amongst a variety of councils and nongovernmental organizations in the country can help in abetting the challenge. (Ending Homelessness among Veterans: A Report by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, 2013)

There is also want to supply supportive housing that would otherwise develop a permanent subsidization of rent payable by these veterans. It should be in certain to the chronically homeless ones i.e. those getting disabilities. Lastly, rehabilitation programs can be provided to the homeless veterans utilizing transitional help and complimentary therapy. These will immeasurable assist in the recovery of the veterans. (Gamache, Rosenheck, &Tessler, 2001)

Masters of Social Operate (MSW) have pivotal roles to play in addressing the social dilemma of homelessness amongst the veterans. The initial role would be to track the number of existing homeless veterans accessible in the US and the substantial progress that are consistently getting created in the reduction of these figures. Through this, they can discern the necessary inputs essential to be applied so that the homeless veterans are liberated. Lastly, because the social workers have been trained to tackle such social issues, they have a deeper comprehension of the needs of the veterans which will make them comfortable in their subsequent lives.
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