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Published: 24-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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An Analysis of the Plot in Oedipus Rex, a Play by Sophocles

The goal of this paper is to expound on the plot of "Oedipus rex". The plot of a play consists of a increasing activity, falling activity, determination, exposition and peak. The increasing activity requires right after exposition and performs towards the greatest element of a play. The falling activity is following the peak and guides the reader towards the determination. The determination is the point at which the concern or query in the play is understood. The exposition clarifies the thought/hypothesis of the story. At long last, the climax comes subsequent and is routinely viewed as the defining moment of the story/play. This paper shows what the play is saying about fate and totally free will. Tiresias says what is planned by fate to come will come regardless of whether she talks or not, “Well, it will come what will, although I be mute” (1, 341-347).

The play starts with Oedipus addressing the common population of Thebes and to a priest. This happens at the palace of the Theban King Oedipus. The king is significantly concerned about the wellbeing of the Thebes men and women. This is because there has been a lethal torment that has cleared Oedipus' nation and his males of the nation have come to Oedipus to ask for assistance. To know the cause of this plague, King Oedipus decides to send his brother in law, Prince Creon to speak to the Oracle of Apollo and know the result in of the plague tormenting the country. Oedipus is caring such that he doesn’t want the folks of Thebes to be tormented. The oracle of Apollo tells Prince Creon that the plague is as a result of the killing of king Laius, who was the king of Thebes and whom King Oedipus predeceases. The increasing activity of the play arises when a blind prophet is brought ahead of the king. The blind prophet by the name Tiresias is told about the death of king Laius by Oedipus but refuses to tell the truth due to the fact the truth she has may bring a lot more complications and far more harm than what had occurred. At lengthy final, soon after a significantly heated debate Tiresias discloses to Oedipus that Oedipus murdered the King Laius. Bewildered and insulted, Oedipus is persuaded that Creon set this up intentionally and blames Creon for attempting to assume handle more than the honored position. Dismayed by this allegation, Creon requests evidence, nonetheless, afore carrying out something, Jocasta enters the area with an aim of mediating (Jocasta was the wife to the late king Laius and also sister to Prince Creon and currently the wife to Oedipus).

There is a prophecy which was created when Laius was alive and Oedipus does not know about it. Jocasta opens up almost everything for him to know about the prophecy. She tells him that a prophet had after mentioned that Laius would be killed by his child. The prophecy continues to say that his personal youngster would take Jocasta, his wife and with each other they will get kids. Jocasta then narrates to Oedipus how king Laius was arrested on the way by unknown guys and killed with each other with his servants. On hearing this, king Oedipus remembers how he met a man on the way, the man threatened him and he killed him collectively with his servants but a single servant escaped. The survivor was a shepherd and he is the only particular person who could tell who actually killed king Laius. As they talk, the shepherd enters the room and says that it is Oedipus who killed the king. He also narrates about a child who was born and left on the road to die by his parents due to the fact they feared a prophecy which had been prophesied on them and they did not want the kid to fulfil the prophecy. Due to this, they decided to throw him away but was rescued and adopted by the Polybus of Corinth and Merope who nursed him until he became big adequate. He ends up plainly humiliated of this discovery notwithstanding all the safety measures that have been taken by King Laius and his wife to avoid the prophecy becoming fulfilled and at final its fulfillment comes true. This shows how fate and cost-free will can't be escaped no matter how a lot somebody tries, if it was made to take place, it just happens.

On the peak of the play, Oedipus has been believing to be the son of Polybus of Corinth and Merope and not the son of King Laius, this is according to what he told Jocasta. This believe was nonetheless cut quick 1 day by a drunkard man who told him that he wasn’t the son of Polybus. Oedipus was disgusted by hearing this and he decided to seek the advice of the priest of Apollo who explained to him about the prophecy and who he was. He then decided to move from Corinth and Merope and on the way exactly where the three roads meet, there came a man who offended him. He decided to kill the man and all his servants but one particular servant who was a shepherd was left. This shepherd is the one who went to give a testimony on what had occurred and how King Laius died and who was behind all this. Right after the incident, Oedipus went to Thebes and became the new king.

The determination and the falling activity are effectively place with each other in this play particularly in the last element. Jocasta and King Oedipus come to know that the prophecy which they mentioned will never ever come about has been fulfilled in them, they both turn out to be worried and go into a frenzy. Oedipus escaped from Corinth and Merope in worry of killing Polybus who he thought was his father. He later heard that Polybus had died due to an illness. To him this prophecy was from an unskilled prophet who didn’t know what she was saying. Oedipus becomes confused, he goes for a sword but no one particular could give it to him, he enters his room only to uncover Jocasta has killed herself. So as to save the Thebes from the plague, he says he be banishes from country until he dies. He tells Creon to take care of the young girls and in conclusion requests that he escort him to the doors where he could meander in darkness until the point when he bites the dust.


Most plays, or stories take right after a equivalent crucial plot diagram. In "Oedipus rex", exposition is observed when king Oedipus starts tending to the plague and is anxious waiting for the Creon to return with good news on the lead to of the plague tormenting the Thebes nation. Increasing activity is noticed when Tiresias begins blaming king Oedipus for killing his father and bringing curse to the nation. The peak of the play is observed when Oedipus comes to know that his parents were Laius and Jocasta and that it is his father that he killed. At extended final, determination and falling activity manifest themselves when Jocasta kills herself and then Oedipus says he be banished from the nation realizing extremely well that this is the end aim to spare it from the torment.
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