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Published: 22-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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An Analysis of the Status of Women in Trifles, a One-Act by Susan Glaspell

Susan Glaspell’s drama “Trifles” is a play about a woman who was suspected for the murder of her husband. The play is set throughout the 19th century, a time where it was identified for women to be treated poorly, especially as wives. Most girls have been treated as objects rather than as equals in a relationship. Even so, in our society today, that has undoubtedly changed. In Glaspell’s drama, she focuses mostly on the wife which ultimately gives this writing the capability to be viewed as a feminist piece.

In “Trifles”, a lady is taken into custody under the suspicion of the murder of her husband. The play focuses on two girls who enter her property with the sheriff and an attorney, who are searching for evidence. Even though the men are browsing, the ladies are discussing the case. Throughout this play, the women end up obtaining much more evidence than the males do, but because they’re ladies they aren’t taken seriously. Glaspell shows that the ladies are not viewed as equal when Hale says, “Well, females are utilised to worrying over trifles.” The males in the play constantly make snide remarks towards the females. An additional example is when they reenter the area although the two females are discussing the accused’s stitching. The two women have been examining it and noticed her stitching was off, which prompted a single of them to wonder why she was so nervous. This shows that the women are considerably far more observant than the guys, because they recognize that her hasty stitching meant she was agitated for some purpose. Even so, the guys enter when they’re discussing the pattern and the lawyer asks in a condescending manner, “Well. ladies, have you decided no matter whether she was going to quilt it or knot it?” This example shows that although the males aren’t taking the women seriously, they are the ones who have it all figured out and hold proof that could simply convict the wife, therefore making this a feminist piece.

Situations of abuse have definitely changed over the years. Back in the 19th century, girls had been treated as objects rather than equals. In the actual case that the drama “Trifles” was based off of, the wife had actively sought out aid against her abusive husband. She spoke with neighbors and told them of her husband’s cruel acts, but simply because he was so nicely-liked and identified throughout the community, and she was just his wife, no one took her seriously. In truth, men and women started to scorn her for speaking against her husband. However, in today’s society, ladies are treated as equal and abuse is taken very seriously. For instance, a case equivalent to the one particular Glaspell wrote about occurred in 2013. A woman shot her husband as an act of self defense after he threatened her and her kids. In this case, there was no query as to no matter whether or not it was her who shot him but she wasn’t charged at all simply because it was in self defense. Even if it was a clear case of self defense in the 19th century, the wife would’ve most probably been charged. In “Trifles”, the wife was becoming held when she claimed she didn’t kill him, and even though the only proof the police had against her was the truth that she was asleep in bed subsequent to him, they still arrested her. But in the present case exactly where it was without having a doubt the wife that shot her husband, she wasn’t charged due to the fact it was a case of self defense. The situations of abuse for girls have certainly evolved more than the years.

Ladies have fought a extended time in order to be viewed as equals in today’s society. Before obtaining the rights they do now, they had been treated like objects, which produced situations of abuse really widespread. Glaspell’s play “Trifles” is a feminist piece of writing that focuses on a wife who murders her abusive husband. This play is a very good instance of showing how conditions of abuse after had been, and how items are various in today’s society.
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